Amazing Email from LA…

I wanted to share an extraordinary email I just got, all the way from LA…

Hazel I just wanted to send you a quick email about my experience with the Gone Fishing Online Seminar. I was quite literally stunned by not just the amount of information in the seminar but by the outstanding quality.

As a British student coming to an end of 3 years at UCLA film school in Los Angeles I can hand on my heart say that some of the information in this seminar was more worth while than graduate degree classes at one of the worlds top film education programs.

Plenty of workshops take you through the instructional steps of how to make a film, but Chris' seminar takes you on a journey of how to actually get the film made to the highest possible standard and he does it with ease, clarity and sprinkles amusing anecdotes along the way.

Right at the beginning I was particularly impressed by Chris' career plan stages. This made so much sense, it was like a light bulb just flickered on. That along with the marketing and exploitation section of the course I regularly re-watched to squeeze out more information and let the advice sink in. I greatly appreciate the option to view the seminar videos as often as I like, you definitely get 100% more than what you pay for.

Chris is an inspiring character and lays things out in ways that are tangible and attainable. Before the seminar as a student filmmaker when in pre-production on a film I would take the deals available to me, only dreaming of having that star actor or experienced DP. Now, I will certainly be as Chris puts it 'Politely demanding' and start asking for things at the top. I now know the importance of building a product that people can see well in advance of the shoot. Having the ability/confidence to go out there and get people talking about your project is of such enormous value, I can't believe I haven't been done it before!

For the proficient filmmakers/ students who are sceptical about paying for an online course, this is worth every penny. Yes there will be elements that you know about but I guarantee there are many more little gems that you will be glad you signed up for. Especially the marketing/PR/Festival segments. The myths around these departments and events are straightened out and I personally have re-thought my film festival and promotional materials strategy since taking the course.

So thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. You could have kept this information to yourself but I thank you greatly for speaking so openly.

Take care, Hazel

Sprockett23 WOW! Thanks Hazel. If you want to see her work, you can check out a film she made for the Virgin Shorts competition here – if you like it, drop her an email and say so –

You can sign up for this workshop here…

And remember, it’s only a few days before the final Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass in London this year…there is more info here…

Onwards and upwards

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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