Do you have £10k to make a horror movie?

Derrin During the Cannes Film Market, I recorded an audio podcast with Derrin Rammage from Maxim Media, an Arizona based sales company that specialises in ultra low budget horror films – and when I mean ultra low budget, I mean it, kind of around $20k! He always has a huge catalogue of titles that to my eye, veer from the ridiculous, through to extremely accomplished for the resources at hand.

I recorded the podcast as he is a ‘real’ sales agent who can sell a horror movie made for £10k. The question is, do you have 8 mates, a camera, a cabin and £10k? If you do, maybe you have a m,ovie too!?

You can listen to the podcast below…

Or download it here.

Ghost hunter During the podcast, Derrin refers to one title called ‘Death Of A Ghost Hunter’ and you can watch that trailer on YouTube here.

Derrin really is a colourful character and his films sometimes defy belief, but I see him in the Palais every Cannes Film Market, and it can’t be cheap to attend the market and run a booth for a week, so he must be doing some thing right!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. david baker August 19, 2009 at 3:52 pm #


    How many filmmakers get “Royalties” back from their micro budget indie movies! You know and I know if you don’t get an advance, forget it. 99% of the time you see nothing. And today, even if you get an advance, its tiny.

    I would encourage people to go and make their own no budget flicks to start a career yes, but forget the distributors. Distribute yourself at this small indie level. I had several offers but they don’t even come near to what I have on my mailing list order at the minute.

    Besides this, great blog. And as we all know. Your books have helped us all over the years. Respect

    PS. If this company are the exception, who do share with the filmmakers, and you know that for a fact, then fair play. But hard to beleive

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