DVD sales still going strong…

I wanted to share an email I got from a film maker friend, Dave Fussell, who bought several copies of ‘Gone Fishing’ on DVD as presents. We have had extraordinary feedback from people who received ‘Gone Fishing’ as a gift, especially those of the older generation, who are not interested too much in the internet or other new developments – folks who want a simple disk with lot’s of extras… Anyway, here is what they said…

‘The DVD film that you sent us arrived safely yesterday. We watched it last night and were blown away. The way the film unfolded such a delightful story, in such an elegant way shows the hand of a true master. I know that writing a short story of fiction is well known to be more difficult than writing a full length novel. I presume that this holds true of films too. Gone fishing was not only spellbinding to watch, but remained in one’s thoughts afterwards too. The images were just superb; not too long, but long enough to have terrific impact. Hazel had actually seen Gone Fishing mentioned in Le Point, our weekly French magazine and also heard about it on The BBC World Service. So, we were thrilled to receive said film in the post; and getting the cover signed by Chris is really above the call of duty. Thank you very much for this. We really appreciate you thinking of us and going to the trouble of obtaining a copy of the film for us. We will not only watch it again, but also have a number of relatives, who we can show it to, in due course…’ Hazel and John

So if you have a relative who, when thinking of presents, you struggle with ideas – give them a copy of ‘Gone Fishing’. I guarantee they will get feature film value out of it as it gets shown over and over to other relatives, neighbours, nephews, grandkids and the like. By being a short film, it also has more novelty too, and is easy to view with a cup of tea and a slice of cake – it does not dominate an afternoon like a feature film would, making it a kind of ‘social’ film, to be shared.

You can still buy copies here… http://www.livingspirit.com/MOVIE-GONEFISHING/DVD/

There are hours of exciting extras too and viewers get to go on the journey with us when we made the film and went to festivals. The sale of every DVD get’s rolled into the festival drive and new projects (which we will keep you updated with on the blog).

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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