Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass… The Day After!

DSC00315 Exhausted doesn’t even come close to how I feel after this weekends roller coaster 2 day Guerilla Masterclass at Ealing Studios. We had a small and intimate group of around 12, which made for a really interactive session that was full of laughter and gasps. There were a number of real characters in the group which, for me, made the whole event that bit more entertaining…

Two sisters, a force of nature dynamic duo who conversed at full throttle, were sat in the front row, ready to explode into questions and comments at any moment. They have a supernatural movie ready to go, though I think that after the workshop they have bitten the bullet and accepted that they need a script trim and also to reconsider the title. The title is soooo essential to get right as it has to convey huge amounts in one or two words (which can be enhanced with key artwork). I don’t think this can be underestimated. We had some really great case studies where films had not sold and within a few hours of re-titling were in fact sold. It’s that vital!

One other delegate, an ex theatre director turned film maker, spent most of the workshop vacillating between broad smiles and a look of utter horror, always a good expression to visit for me! Sat next to her was a lovely lady who had flow in from Uganda and seemed to be on a mission to create a film community out there – she asked if I would come to Uganda to speak to her community… and it’s under discussion!

I really enjoyed this session as the group was very dynamic, responsive to ideas, and extremely interactive – I know everyone left hoping to stay in touch and possibly collaborate in the future – let’s hope that happens.

Anyway, here’s some of the feedback we got.

'It’s been emotional!!! This course has given me the knowledge and motivation to now believe that anything is possible. Thanks Chris, you have been inspirational!’
Donna, Film maker, Hertfordshire

‘A really good insight into the business part of the process…’
Mario, Writer / Director, Portugal

‘A really informative course with great presentation and easy access, offering more tailored information when needed’
Derwent, Technical Artist / Film Maker

‘So much information and insight delivered with real humanity, integrity and humour…’
Tanya, Film Maker, Devon

‘Why are there not more courses like this one! More info on 2 days than all I have ever learned put together! The decisive moment for me was when I saw where two paths converged and I made the choice to go down the path less travelled!’
Tuki, Film maker, Uganda

‘If you want to make a low budget film in the UK and you need a role model, Chris is the guy!’
Billie-Jean, Film Maker

I always say to the group at the end of the masterclass, ‘I get as much out of this as anyone else…’ It really does ignite the fire and passion in us all. This is the one aspect of this workshop that is hard to really put down on paper, but everyone present felt it and knows what I mean. I guess it’s no big shocker, but I am always surprised that it infects me too! So while I should be resting, I am actually up at 8am and hammering away at my screenplay! Thanks guys! We are all in it together!


Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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