How to market your film, a free podcast with PR expert Sheri Candler!

Sheri During my trip to the PGA Awards a few weeks ago, I hooked up with Sheri Candler, an LA based film marketer. We quickly hit it off and so I recorded a podcast with her, sat in her car of all places (actually it’s a great recording environment).

The podcast is about an hour long and we refer to a couple of press releases in the recording.

(refering to podcast – here is the FIRST RELEASE that I wrote, and for comparison, here is the SECOND RELEASE that Sheri re-wrote for me.)

You can listen via the blog with the player here…

Or click and download the file to play on your own player or add to your ipod here.

Sheri is a GREAT person and a real team player. I am already working on getting her involved in some of my upcoming projects too. Here webiste is and her email is

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Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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