Gone Fishing Festival Update

Tel Aviv Spirit Film Festival The last few weeks have been quite intense from a festival view, and we have been accepted into a bunch of VERY exciting events. 

Probably the most exciting is the Roshd International film festival in Tehran, Iran – the oldest film festival in the region and has been running since the sixties. We are actually in competition too. I would sooooo love to have attended, to see how the film plays with the locals, but I have been advised that it’s perhaps not prudent to visit the region right now! 

Right now in LA, our AP Kerry Finlayson is attending the IndieFest USA Festival at Disney, California – we will be getting updates and photos from her from the awards later this week. Fingers crossed!

September is quite hectic, kicking of with the Spirit Quest Film Festival (Sept 4th) in Pennsylvania, right on Lake Erie. Festival co-ordinator Gregg Ropp was kind enough to say… ‘We were blown away by your film and it definitely fits in perfectly with our theme. The audiences will be in for a real treat! Gone Fishing is one of the best films I have reviewed in my nearly ten years in the Festival world! I truly think you have something magical here…’ Blimey Gregg! More fingers crossed!

Hot on the heels of SQFF is the One Reel Film Festival / aka Bumbershoot Film Festival in Seattle (Sept 6th), and then a rare European appearance at the AMRITSA International Film Festival Ireland where we are again in competition.

Then we jump continents to be part of the Tel Aviv Spirit Festival in Israel (Sept 3rd) where again, I am dying to find out how it goes down with the locals. 


A few days later we play at the Southern Winds Film Festival in Shawnee, Oklahoma (Sept 10th).

September 14th and we play at the SoCal Independent Film Festival in Huntington Beach, California, and I hope Kerry will be able to attend the festival for us again.

Then comes the Route 66 Film Festival in Springfield, Illinois (Sept 13th) where the organisers have really been hounding me, or someone from the production, to attend as they feel we have a chance of collecting one of their awards… 

OK that's enough for now… There are more coming up too and I will update the blog in due course. 

I got a load of mail about the Film Festival Spreadsheet that I uploaded a few weeks back – well here is the updated sheet for those of you who are interested in more information. The ordiginal blog post about the spreadsheet is here


Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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