Awards Arrive In The Post… If only they were made of gold (we could melt them down then…)

Chris With Awards A bunch of awards turned up in the post today, namely the three we won at Ballston Spa a few weeks back. One for Best Picture, one for Best Sound (Bernard O’Reilly) and one for Best Editing (Eddie Hamilton). I will be giving them their awards when I see them next!

I was gutted I could not attend the Ballston Spa festival as it was an outdoor event and it would have been great to see Gone Fishing on the side of a building with the audience sat on deck chairs in the park. One of the big problems facing indie film makers is how to sustain and fund a festival run – it’s expensive to jet set around the world, stay in hotels and all the time you are doing this, you are not making money either. And that, sadly, is why I did not go to Ballston Spa.

Like most indie film makers, I have learned to sleep under rocks, in cars and on sofas, and that meant that the majority of the festival run I have had was cost effective, but there is only so much you can really do to save money. I am working on a corporate job right now (as well as writing a script with Judy Goldberg), and I hope that two week endeavour will buy us many months of freedom so that we can get back to making movies…


Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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