The Asiana Int Film Festival and other fun and games…


In a week of loose ends, the kind you get when a production wraps – stuff that’s gone missing needs finding, stuff that you put off as the production dominated your life needs doing, invoices appearing and sifting accounts until it all ties up and of course, a little sleeping, I find myself writing a matching blog – a kind of hotch potch of stuff that has happened over the last week.

First off, a podcast I recorded with Matt Morreale on the Film Producers Podcast has gone live now – you can listen to it at

Second, I got word from the Edmonton Film Festival that we won the Grand Jury Prize… Here’s what they had to say…

Dearest Chris! I am SO honored to be sending you this e-mail.  Your uber-award-winning film has JUST received yet another award – I hope you’re not bored with all these wins!

GONE FISHING was chosen as this year’s recipient of the GRAND JURY Award for Best Short Film. I wish we had buckets of cash to send you.  But all we have is adoration. Thank-you SO much for sharing your film with Edmonton!  I know they’ll love it as much as we do!

Warm regards,

Kerrie Long, Festival Producer

AMAZING! Kerri is a wonderful festival organizer and I only wish I could make it over there.  I spoke with her and offered to shoot a short thank you and make a DVD ISO file which I can send over to them via You Send It (much like I did a couple weeks back for another festival). So I will be there in spirit. She explained they announce the winners in advance for two reasons – one to give the film makers the chance to ‘push the boat out to attend’ and second, to allow the locals the chance to choose the winning films when the are figuring out what to watch. More on their festival here…

Finally, we just got word that we are in the Asiana International Short Film Festival (AISFF) in Seoul, South Korea next month. I am hoping that I can make it out there as they have a sponsor for flights and accommodation.

The festival campaign for Gone Fishing is now winding down as I have decided not to enter any more festivals, it’s just too time consuming and costly. What a run we have had though, and fingers are still crossed as we continue to compete in a number of fests in the near future.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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