Six hours of new features added to the online 'Making The World Class Short Film' Workshop – sign up discount still available!

Chris and Eddie It’s a been bit of a frantic weekend – I am prepping for the Chetenham Screenwriters Festival which kicks off on Monday, where I am the opening speaker! I have a couple of other sessions on Monday and Tuesday too, so I hope to see you there.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon and evening with editor Eddie Hamilton as we recorded a chat track for the ALL the rushes from ‘Gone Fishing’ (that’s 3 hours!)

When I created the online workshop, one of the commitments I made was to make the rushes available for other film makers to edit their own version of ‘Gone Fishing’. So in the next few days, that will all go live – if you are already a member, as part of our commitment to you, all these additional features will be offered free, as part of the package.

We recorded this chat track to help explain the choices we made during the shoot, the problems we faced, and the choices Eddie made in post production. There are three hours of 35mm rushes and there will be two versions available – first is a Quicktime of the rushes with production sound (which you can import into your own edit system). Second is the version with with Eddie and myself waxing lyrical! 

We both enjoyed this recording session and it was amazing just how much came flooding back. I can’t tell you how many nuggets of tips and information Eddie was gracious enough to share with us all.

This additional six hours of support material will go live in the next week or so as part of the ongoing expansion to the ‘Making The World Class Short Film’ workshop – a few people have asked why we did not make this workshop  available on DVD, and it’s this kind up evolutionary update that is the main reason! We want to keep adding more quality content and that just is not possible with a DVD set. Plus we can keep the costs down by delivering over the web, a saving we can pass onto the film makers. And finally, the feedback we have had from users suggests that even though they though they thought that they might prefer DVD, they do in fact prefer web delivery as it’s available immediately, updateable, and available anywhere you have a computer and internet connection.

We are still running the discount, from £99 (inc VAT) to just £69.99 (inc VAT – approx $115) for readers of the blog. You can sign up here and get moving on your own Oscar nominated short film right now!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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