1 Million Downloads is the target for cellphone short that will touch your heart…

I just got an email from the lovely chaps at a company called Treehive in Australia. They are the film makers behind a short called ‘Mankind Is No Island’ and I met them when I was down under for the Heart Of Gold Film Festival earlier this year (original post with an interview here).

When I teach workshops, we always discuss how those who are on the lookout for talent, be it agents, managers, commissioning editors etc., are looking for real film making innovation. One obvious innovation is shooting a movie on a cellphone camera, and yet there remain surprisingly few really good examples of this, films that have been shot on such a lo-tech device and then broken through to win lots of awards and launch careers. However, Mankind Is No Island is the exception, collecting tons of plaudits in both the USA and Australia. If you haven’t seen it, you can watch above and you will see why.

If you HAVE seen it, then click on it again… Here’s why…

We are trying to achieve 1,000,000 views of our film ‘Mankind is no Island’ on YouTube by Christmas night. Already, we’ve reached 719,018 people around the world. We’re not asking for donations, this is not a chain-email, all we’re asking you is to forward this link to anyone you feel would have a heart to care about homelessness… or your whole address book if you’re keen.


With thanks,
Jason van Genderen
Mankind is no Island

OK so you can either forward the direct link above, or forward this blog entry, but please do consider spreading this important message at Christmas and let’s see if we can help them hit that magical million downloads.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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