Did you know, before I was a film maker, I was a stunt double for Santa? Really!


That’s right, two for one – and we promise that the DVD’s will be sent with love from Santa and his little helpers. Really. Honestly. Truly. Not many people know this, but aside from being the writer and director of Gone Fishing, I was also a stunt Santa, back in my home town of Wigan. When the big stores needed Santa to arrive in style, on a fire engine, by boat or on a helicopter for instance, I would be the guy they would turn to (thanks to my dad who was a manager at one of the big stores there – and that is me hanging on to the side of a fire engine, and it got pretty hairy when the took bends at 25 mph!).

So truly, WE CAN say that the DVD’s are sent directly from Santa (well his stunt double at any rate).

So if you are you stuck to buy a present for your mum or relatives this Christmas, give them something truly special that the whole family can watch on Christmas day, and keep the second free one for yourself!  They will all laugh at the funny bits, cry at those sad bits, and cheer at the end, and all the time be amazed that you know the guys who actually made it.

So when you buy using our online store, don't worry if the ordering system says that we are only sending just one disk, we promise our elves will put two in the mail, as well as lots of love and magical fairy dust too.

Xmas Tree Go on, buy some magic for Christmas

You can buy at www.buygonefishing.com

And just a reminder of the experiences others have had watching the movie last Christmas…

The DVD turned up on Christmas Eve so I wrapped it and put it under the tree. We watched it on Christmas Day and were absolutely blown away by the film. I just wanted to say what a great story you have here. The film is (as we say Down Under) a bottler, the production is first class and the acting hits the mark; I sincerely hope you get that Oscar. I hope you are having a great Christmas and your New Year is successful.
Mike and Fiona Hardy, Brisbane, Australia

I just sat on the closed M11, at the junction with the M25 for the second night in a row. This time however, I had the DVD to watch as it arrived today.Anyone who saw me would have thought I was taking the delay rather too seriously, because I was in floods! The DTS sound is staggering in a car, and the film even more moving on a small screen. You have produced a work of art. I truly believe that if it doesn't win it's Oscar, then it's a fix! Absolutely magnificent, and I look forward now to watching it on my 6 speaker Harman Kardon system at home. I think I'll be destroying the walls!
David Talbot, in a traffic Jam, M11, London.

I've just seen the full film for the first time and I'm sitting here choking back tears. It IS a great film, everything just seemed so right about it, the story, the light, the sound, everything. My fingers are even more firmly crossed for the Oscar. Thank you for making this lovely little film.
Mike Facherty, Film Maker

I watched the movie by myself and was  in bits at the end. Amazing. I then sat my partner down and the same happened to her. Going kite flying shortly after we were still all teary. So, so beautiful. Well done.
Gareth Jones

I've watched Gone Fishing four times now and never tire of it. It's such a lovely, heartfelt little film. Absolutely charming…
Carol Ann Walters, Journalist / Publicist

Whenever I get that spine-tingling feeling at the back of my neck I know I've been in for a treat. Gone Fishing moves beyond beautiful imagery to give us a warm, touching story with a challenging perspective on bereavement.
Mike Mindel, www.wordtracker.com

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


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