Read The Script, Watch The Movie, Meet The Film Makers… £14 for a Low Budget Movie Masterclass


OK we have come up with something VERY VERY cool for film makers.

EXAM screening, with SCREENPLAY and extended film makers autopsy with the writer, director and composerVENUE Odeon, Panton St, off Leicester Sq., London, 2.15pm

Writer and director of EXAM, Stuart Hazeldine, has been kind enough to share the shooting script with us so we can all have a very powerful learning experience as well as enjoy a cracking movie. If you sign up for the screening this Sunday, using the button on this page (if you didn’t see yesterdays blog, scroll down for full details), we will mail you script BEFORE you attend.

This gives you a REALLY UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY… You can read script BEFORE watching the film, you can imagine how you would handle the screenplay then watch it. Most importantly, you will have a focussed ‘script to screen’ experience that will help you make better movies. Stories evolve and morph from the page, to the set, to the edit. This is something that few of us ever get first hand experience of, but now this is your chance.

And to be clear, Stuart isn’t a first time writer, he is a sought after Hollywood screenwriter who has worked with some of the best in the business (and recently co-wrote ‘Knowing’ with Nic Cage).

OK, so if you are sitting on the fence, now is the time to commit as the theatre only seats 100 – and it’s already half booked! When you sign up, we will send you a PDF of the screenplay. On the day, your name will be on the door, but bring your PayPal receipt as a backup.


So as a teaser, here is the script for the clip above. Read the script FIRST then watch the clip… Cryptically, the characters have no names, only descriptions… like WHITE or BLACK… Read on…

EXAM Script Excerpt004

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