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The posts over the weekend created a flurry of activity as it seems everyone is looking very closely at the Canon series of HD DSLR cameras. I will post more on this over the coming days, but I wanted to share some feedback I just got form the online film makers workshop we have been running for a year now – can you believe we are 1 year old, and we still have 99% five star feedback (you can read all feedback here)!

The course is currently discounted from £99.00 to £69.99 (inc VAT). Remember, as soon as you sign up, you can start as it’s delivered 100% over the internet.

Anyway, check out todays feedback…

Q – How would you rate the seminar overall (out of five stars)?


Q – Can you provide us with a one line comment or summary?

A – Essential for anyone looking to take the next step.

Q – Can you give us a review of your experience on the workshop?

A – I am a professional director. I fund my life through the production of commercials and corporate videos. But of course the goal is to step up and start to take everything I am learning and apply it to that story that I'm dying to tell. This seminar has been a fantastic way to see what my strengths are as a filmmaker and what I should do next in order to reach my goals. It's an exciting feeling.

Q – What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying this course? And why did you choose to buy it?

A – The risk that it was just another online course. I chose to buy it because of the endorsements.

Q – What specific feature did you like about the workshop?

A – The Festival related information was essential. I feel many people in the industry know how to make a great film. We know the rules, how to direct etc. It's promotion that we fall down. Chris broke it all down. I loved it.

Q – Would you recommend this workshop?

A – Absolutely. I already have. The workshop presents the chaos of film making in a strange moment of clarity. It makes those of us who have the skills feel. Yeah. I could do that. Now I feel like I know how.

Q – How would you describe yourself?

A – Oliver, Commercial Director, Melbourne Australia.

Blimey! Thanks Oliver and delighted you got so much out of it.

One of our commitments is to continue to evolve and add to this workshop, and so over the coming weeks, we intend shooting more workshops and interviews, powerfully adding to the learning and experience. To be clear, the workshop is not just me, there is an ever expanding group of experts willing to share their professional knowledge with us all.

So if you want to check out the site, go here. Feedback here. And sign up via the discounted link here.

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