CANNES 2010 – Come with us on your first trip to the Cannes Film Festival and Market!

Cannes Button 2 Every serious film maker, writer, investor, actor, agent and distributor will be in one square mile of the French Riviera this May. YOU NEED TO BE THERE TOO! Welcome to a unique two part workshop, the first in London (or online), the second IN CANNES on the day of your arrival! Yes, we will meet you and show you the ropes on your very first day at the Cannes Film Festival!


For all emerging film makers, script writers, actors, directors and producers we are offering this unique introduction to the life changing roller coaster ride that is the Cannes Film Festival and Market. Anyone who is anyone will be within that buzzing one square mile of Cannes. YOU NEED TO BE THERE TOO!

The first stage of the workshop is a one night intensive introduction to Cannes on WEDNESDAY 17th MARCH in London and will cover:

* Securing accreditation (getting your badge so you can gain access to all events including premieres)
* How to get there and where to stay, all within your budget.
* A step by step guide to the Market.
* How to get into the room.
* How to work the room once you’re in it.
* How to get tickets to the premieres and walk the red carpet.
* What you can really get out of Cannes.

The London event will end with a networking workshop where you can learn the skills to better ‘work the room’, one of the key things to do in Cannes. You will also meet the Living Spirit Team as well as interact with your peers, make contacts, learn essential networking tips and maybe cut costs by teaming up with fellow workshop colleagues who are also at the start of their exciting journey too.

Cannes002But here is the REALLY cool thing about this workshop – the second part is actually IN CANNES on the morning of your arrival! (we recommend you fly into Nice on Monday 17th May, ready for business on Tuesday 18th). By this point you will have picked up your all important badge and, following the induction, we will take you on an exclusive guided tour of the Market, Pavilions and Hotels. By now the training wheels will be off and you should be pumped and raring to go! So feel free to cut lose and start making deals! This is Cannes baby!

Later that day, for anyone who needs that extra ‘push’, or those who just need to get out of the sun and rest their weary feet, team Living Spirit will be stopping for lunch at La Pizza (best Pizza in the world, we promise!) and we'll welcome anyone who wants to stop by for further advice and support.

Cannes003 The Cannes workshop experience will conclude on THURSDAY 20th MAY with a final word from Chris followed by a networking party where we will present our own special Awards ceremony and prizes from the delegates… Among other awards, we will celebrate…

Best Photo With A Celebrity
Most Impressive Business Card
Best Party Crash
And a few other categories we still have under wraps!

The workshop costs £135 – places are limited so please book early

NOTE: This price is for workshops only. You will be responsible for the cost of accreditation (approx 50 Euros), getting yourself there and your accommodation (though we will help you get through all of this on the London workshop).

Pocketbookj And 2010 is a very exciting year for us here at Living Spirit. With the latest edition of the Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series completed just over a week ago our attention is now firmly focused on what this is all really about – making movies!  This year in Cannes, not only will we be celebrating the launch of the Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook, we will also be announcing our next two big projects.  You can get involved in this too, as well as attend the exclusive party and book launch!

Whether you’re new to Cannes or haven’t fared so well in the past and fancied a little company this time round – come with us and we’ll tell you everything we wished we’d known when we first got off the plane.

Cfvg5th-cover_sml AMAZING UPDATEWe just got word that if you sign up now, we can give you a FREE, brand and spanking new copy of the best selling book ‘Cannes – A Festival Virgin's Guide (5th Edition’ This superb book will be the ideal accompaniment to our workshop and a great read for the flight!

So, to summarise, here’s exactly what you’ll be getting when you sign up:

Cannes Workshop Part 1 + Networking event (London and Online)
Cannes Workshop Part 2 (in Cannes)
Exclusive guided tour of the Market, Hotels and Industry haunts
Our special Cannes wrap party and awards
Free copy of ‘Cannes – A Festival Virgin's Guide (5th Edition’

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

2 Responses to CANNES 2010 – Come with us on your first trip to the Cannes Film Festival and Market!

  1. Moji Shabi February 23, 2010 at 1:20 pm #

    Woke up this morning and found this in my inbox. I am thinking Hmmmm would this be worth it. I have no project to promote right now but will attending help me find out if I am on the right track with my next feature (micro) project?

    Like Vanessa said in the video is it better to get the lay of the land before you have an agenda but then again isn’t that what a sales agent is supposed to do? Push your film?

  2. Henry McGeough March 5, 2010 at 10:43 pm #

    I got accredited for Cannes with my short film ‘short crawl’ in the short film corner.

    You can watch it at

    So maybe see you in Cannes.

    *sfx*sound of filmmaker rattling piggy bank to see if any money falls out*

    555 Films

    ps. it’s 5 mins 55 secs long…

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