My Trip To Skywalker Ranch… ANOTHER FREE Canon 5D Podcast

As if one podcast with Philip Bloom were not enough, here is the second one we recorded specifically for the blog. In it Philip talks about his summoning to the Skywalker Ranch to meet the Grand Moff George Lucas (above is the film that he shot on his 5D while staying there, and this is the film he screened for George Lucas, Rick McCallum and Quentin Tarrantino and which he refers to in the podcast).

In this podcast I also asked Philip Bloom some questions that we received for him via Twitter – if you want to ask people like Philip film making questions when we interview them, follow me on Twitter – my twitter name is livingspiritpix. Yesterday we interviewed the Paranormal Activity guys and we asked a bunch of questions that we were sent from film makers via twitter.

Listen to the Podcast with the player here…

And remember, this is a bonus podcast to the full one hour on one about shooting with the Canon 7D and 5D that will be released when the new Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook is released. This will be an exclusive podcast that is only available on, so please join our newsgroup to get an email to notify you when you can listen to this free podcast.

And tomorrow, another Canon 5D and Philip Bloom post, so swing by again…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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