Jon Reiss’ Tip of the Day 4 – Setting A Marketing Strategy

6a00d8341e322053ef01347ff5e259970c-800wi Continuing Jon’s tips of the day as we run up to the Distribution on 2010 Workshop on May 8th / 9th. Over to Jon.

Jon Reiss’ Tip of the Day 4 – Setting A Marketing Strategy

Depending on the type of filmmaker that you are, marketing does not need to be thought of as catering your film to a large audience (or altering the content to appeal to a large audience). 

Marketing is about is 1) reaching the audience that already exists for your film and 2) thinking creatively about how to reach that audience. They might be interested in your film but don’t know it until you tell them about it. I recommend that you consider and conceive of a marketing strategy for your film early in the production process, even at inception. Who is its audience? How are you best going to reach them?  Are there particular blogs, organizations, print media that they subscribe to? Who will you bring on to help you outreach to your audience? How does this audience consume media? Answering these questions will help to fashion your release strategy.

Thanks Jon – You can read more about the workshop we are running with Jon on my blog here, and also watch Seth Godins excellent video on ‘tribes’.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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