WATCH BELOW ON ‘CATCH UP TV’, The Production Office, TV show for film makers! And Our BEST LINE UP YET!

TELL YOUR BOSS YOU’RE LEAVING EARLY, TELL YOUR MATES YOU’VE GOT A DATE, GET HOME, CRACK A BEER, BOOT UP THE COMPUTER AND BRACE YOURSELF FOR A CRACKING HOUR OF FILM MAKERS ENTERTAINMENT, ADVICE, COMPETITIONS, NEWS, GOSSIP, SOME RANDOM CHIT-CHAT AND JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF CHAOS! Times NEW They all said we were crazy! They all said it couldn’t be done!  Well they were all wrong, because we’ve done it twice now and tonight we’re crashing headfirst into Episode 3!‘The Production Office Live’ : Thurs 29th April @ 7.30pmJoining Chris and Judy in the office tonight are Director (and shameless Flash Gordon fan) Simon Cox. Simon will be talking all about the movies he’s made, the movies he’s making and, arguably more importantly, the movies he has to make in order to make the movies he wants to make! Confused? Then, tune in tonight for a direct translation from Simon himself.Also on the show is legendary UK Distributor David Wilkinson. David is that rarest of industry animals, a distributor who actually successfully distributes indie films. And unusually, as a film maker himself, he is 100% behind the idea of film makers self distributing. This really is ‘Must See TV’ for all film makers struggling to get their movies into the cinemas.And if all that weren’t enough, there’ll be the usual array of film making tips, tricks, insights and advice. You can also meet and mingle with 100+ film makers from around the globe (and sometimes even just around the corner) in our live chat window. We’ve lost count of the amount of scripts, pitches, resumes and friend requests we’ve seen flying around the place! We actively encourage you to dive in and interact, not only with each other but with US too. If you have any questions for the guests or any of the Production Office Team, get them out there and we’ll answer as many as we can.Jan DunnIt really doesn’t get any more interactive than that — you might just as well be sat in the office with us!THE PRODUCTION OFFICE LIVEDate: Thurs 29th AprilTime: 7.30pm (UK)Go here: www.chrisjonesblog.comOr here: Philip Bloom And it’s been a super busy week for me on the blog so, if you feel the need to indulge your ADD while watching the show, here are some highlights you may have missed:  Free Philip Bloom Podcast:  Earlier in the year, I interviewed DSLR and Canon 5D MkII aficionado Philip for the new Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook.  Listen to the complete interview here.BookpagesExclusive Sneak Peek at the new Pocketbook:  Download this free PDF of the complete interview with ‘Kick Ass’ and ‘Gone Fishing’ Editor extraordinaire Eddie Hamilton.  Read it here exclusively first, a week before the Pocketbook is officially released into the world at our super sexy launch party in London on May 6th.  Download the PDF here.Pocketbook COverSpeaking of the Launch Party:  You can order your limited edition copy of the Pocketbook now and, for those of you in London, come along and pick up your signed copy from me personally at the Launch Party on May 6th @ The Phoenix Artist Club.And if the deal weren’t sweet enough already, our TV Show sponsors ‘Raindance’ are throwing in £15 training vouchers with every book.  So by the time you’ve bought the book, been to the party and cashed in your voucher, you’ll probably be in credit!  And we really can’t say fairer than that.  Order your copy and ticket here.Jon Reiss003Distribution in 2010 Workshop:  As we start the countdown to this EPIC workshop, we’ve been posting regular ‘Tips of the Day’ written exclusively for us by course leader Jon Reiss.  Scroll down through the week to catch up on Jon’s tips and keep checking the blog for more invaluable words of advice from Jon in the coming week.  Go here to buy tickets for the course At A Funeral ‘Script to Screen’ Q&A with writer Dean Craig:  Want to know how a struggling British writer went from reading other people’s scripts for a living to a red carpet premiere and a $16.2m opening weekend in less than three years?  Come along to the latest in our series of unique ‘Script to Screen’ events on May 30th @ Ealing Studios where screenwriter Dean Craig will be telling us exactly how he did it.  Go here for tickets http://deathatafuneral.eventbrite.comAnd the links for our wonderful prizes people! SUBSCRIBE TO TOTAL FILM MAGAZINE: BOB HARVEY’S : How to Make Your Own Video or Short Film ELLIOT GROVE’S : Beginning Filmmaking 100 Easy Steps From Script toScreen SIMON COX MOVIES AND UNIQUE FILM MAKER GOODIES:! OK Don’t forget to tune in tonight…THE PRODUCTION OFFICE LIVEDate: Thurs 29th AprilTime: 7.30pm (UK)Go here: www.chrisjonesblog.comOr here: Onwards and upwards!Chris Jones, Film Maker and

One Response to WATCH BELOW ON ‘CATCH UP TV’, The Production Office, TV show for film makers! And Our BEST LINE UP YET!

  1. Mark Morris April 29, 2010 at 11:16 pm #

    Well done Chris yet another great show and you wore the shirt! I demand another one next week… After all if tim wonnacot (bargain hunt) has made it his trademark to wear bright colours so should you.

    No seriously great to hear all the news. Some GREAT guests with Genevieve stateside giving us the lowdown on that front. Simon Cox was very interesting. David was fascinating as I’ve never seen a distributer before AND he had a lot of common sense advice. Just love the show turning into an addiction.


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