So if we can’t win an Oscar, help us BEAT THE OSCARS!

Chris and Judy After last weeks AMAZING inaugural show, we have been working hard behind the scenes to deliver a sequel that bucks the Hollywood sequel trend – a show that’s going to be better than the original! If you missed last weeks show, you can catch up here, and read feedback here. Or you can wait and get the full experience of a whole new bright and shiny show here, by tuning in LIVE for The Production Office, Episode 2, 7.30 PM UK time at all the way from Ealing Film Studios.

First off, thanks to all the people who filled out the post show survey last week, we have been sifting through the feedback and implementing loads of new ideas. We are still debating whether I should be allowed to wear a Hawaiian shirt (one suggestion I particularly liked)… we will see if Lucia my girlfriend will allow it.

OK so the BIG news is this…

Oscars As many of you know, last year we were Oscars shortlisted for our film Gone Fishing, and while amazingly we did make the top ten, we didn’t make the top five … So if we can’t win an Oscar, help us BEAT THE OSCARS!

Livestream, who is our video streaming technology provider for The Production Office, is also the provider of The Oscars, who currently sit at number one in this years Film and TV channel shows on Livestream – that’s around 3.5 million viewer minutes… So now, that is also our target!

Help us get to Number One slot and BEAT The Oscars…! All you need to do is tune in regularly, watch on catch up if you missed the show live, and tell all your film maker buddies to do the same. Oh, and have a great time too, learn loads about film making and connect with other film makers around the world. I know it sounds crazy, but we have done the maths… in one week alone we have racked up nearly 100,000 viewer minutes and climbing! If we keep that up for a year, Genthat’s 5.2 million viewer minutes… How cool is that? All time ratings here and This Weeks ratings here.

OK. New stuff…

 Gen in LA is now going to become a regular contributor – every week she will take a break from her writing in Starbucks to chat and answer questions about ‘getting to’ and ‘working in’ Hollywood – so if you have any Hollywood questions for her, let us know by dropping us an email. This week we will be discussing how agents and managers can get Pocketbook Packshot Mediumyou meetings to pitch a project – something Gen is prepping for right now.

We had planned to have SciFi epic director Simon Cox on the show too, but he got a paying job! So seduced by the dosh, he bowed out, but promised to make a show in the coming weeks. He will be great interview as he is pursuing a very ambitious SciFi feature film at the same time as making and successfully selling special interest DVD’s – he’s  going to share some of his secrets with us all.

TimesAnd we have been brainstorming a competition that could not be won by being the fastest Googler in the West… and have concocted something rather entertaining. To be part of the competition and win the six DVD ‘Hollywood Camera Work’ training box set, as well as your own copy of the Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook (buy yours here), you MUST tune in live.

 So the scene is set for an extraordinary sequel, with film maker banter, movie making top tips, special guest insights and interviews, as well as what has turned out to be one of the favourite aspects of the show – the live chat window where you can connect with other film makers there and then. Awesome. Right, I need to get back to my running order and rehearsals!

So the details again – live on both the blog or at

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. Mark Morris April 20, 2010 at 10:02 pm #

    Sounds like a great show format in the making!

    Friday night is now a lot more fun.

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