For Film Makers, By Film Makers, About Film Making… The Production Office Live From Ealing Studios, with special guests director Simon Cox and distributor David Wilkinson

Chris and JudyAlready it’s Wednesday and we are prepping for tomorrow nights show, The Production Office, LIVE From Ealing Studios (Thursday, 7.30pm UK time). For those who have not seen it yet, it’s a film makers chat show, kind of like The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook Live, with film maker guests, tips, tricks, competitions and insights. It’s a lot of fun and the best part, if you log in live,  you can be part of the VERY lively discussion that takes place alongside the show in the chat window. You can read feedback from the last two shows here and here

OK, so The Production Office Live can be viewed here on my blog, or on the Livestream page here. Remember, Thursday, 7.30pm UK time.

TimesOn this weeks show we will have Simon Cox, talking about the indie feature film he has made, the film he is going to be making (which has now re-emerged as a 3D project) and about a life sustainability model he has created where he can make films AND make a profit every month. And for many of us, this is the BIG question. How do we survive the long droughts between an occasional oasis of production? Simon has a very specific answer and business template that we can all use. This is not to be missed.

Also on the show is legendary UK distributor, David Wilkinson of Guerilla Films (no relation ;-)) David, who Jan Dunn spoke about on last weeks show (catch up here if you missed it), is one of Briatins only distributors I would recommend for indie films. He has doggedly sold our films, year upon year, even down to finally convincing BBC1 to buy ‘Urban Ghost Story’ ten years after it was shot. His expertise is second to none. And unusually, as he is also a film maker, he is 100% behind the idea of film makers self distributing. There will be much to be learned about how you get for you film into cinemas on the show.

Finally, we have again listened to your feedback and lots of YOUR ideas and suggestions have been integrated. Remember, this is YOUR show. It’s for film makers, about film makers, by film makers. So please, tell ALL your buddies to tune in and be part of the experience. It’s just not the same on ‘catch up’. Trust us.

We have also rejigged the content and are committed to bringing the show in within an hour. Well a ‘film makers hour’ at least which means we may well over run! (doh!)

ProdOffMugAnd if you do want to become an Executive Producer on the show, alongside our first three who are now featured on our holding page, you can sign up here

Right… clips, guests, competitions, running order, tech tests…

PS – If you missed all the amazing goodies this week, you can listen to a Podcast with DSLR Guru Philip Bllom here, and read a whole chunk of the new Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook here, and if you want to come to the launch party next week, you can get tickets here, including a FREE £15 training voucher from Raindance.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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