'The Production Office', Season 1, Episode 2… Well that was REAL! Part 2!

Once more, that was REAL!

Last nights show was a definite hit with viewers, but goodness me, what a run up – filled with the most terrifying technical glitches, breakdowns and full on catastrophes. But we pulled it off! You can view the show on ‘catch up’ TV above. As ever, the chat window was on fire with comments and feedback from viewers across the globe, interacting and asking questions.

Jan Dunn Our first guest, Jan Dunn, actress turned director, offered loads of great advice about how to attract and work with named actors. Jan is also interviewed in the new Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook and her latest film, The Calling, is released this weekend. Listening to her speak, you can understand why actors would gravitate to her as she exudes confidence, authority and a deep understating of her craft. She felt quite passionately that directing isn’t something that can be taught, it is something that you either ‘get’ or you don’t. And her final advice was simple, ‘make as many award winning short films as you can before embarking on your first feature project…’

Allin Kempthorne Second up was Allin Kempthorne, director of ‘The Vampires of Bloody Island’, a romping vampire comedy horror with a pantomime flavour. Allin has worked as a background artist on many big Hollywood features and his take home message from those films is ‘everyone has a commitment to excellence. You never hear ‘that is good enough’, because good enough just isn’t good enough. It has to be 100%’

Sneaky Twitter Tips
Allin also spoke about how to create sales leads for you DVD using two Twitter accounts, and an online tool called Social Oomph. Here’s what he does. He uses Social Oomph to trawl Twitter accounts that are chatting about a subject matter that is interesting to people who might buy his film, subjects like ‘goths’ or ‘vampires’. He then follows those people with a Twitter account called ‘@VampireFilmNews’. Some of those people then follow him back as that’s how Twitter works. He sends out several daily generic news-style Vampire tweets from @VampireFilmNews (he also gets that news Social Oomph) and mixes in news about ‘The Vampires Of Bloody Island’. Then he starts to follow those people as himself, the director of ‘The Vampires Of Bloody Island’, and usually, those people then get into a conversation over Twitter, amazed that a film director is now following them, and they convert to a DVD sale. It’s certainly a graft, but according to Allin, it does work.

After ShowWe also have a competition winner! Liam Dunlop who will be getting his goodies in the post this coming week. Next week, prizes will include one years membership to Total Film Magazine in the UK.

During the show, we also made the offer of becoming an Executive Producer on The Production Office which entitles you to a lovely shiny red ‘PO’ mug, as well as plugs and shout outs on the show. Here’s what we wrote about it.


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OK, so big changes are afoot for next weeks show. Remember, Thursday, 7.30pm UK time,
and tell all your friends!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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