The Production Office, Season 1, Episode 2, Goes Live Tonight at 19.30 UK time…

Times So welcome to our all new and super duper LIVE TV show, ‘The Production Office’, Episode 2, all the way from the top corner of Ealing Film Studios. Watch live on the blog here, or on our Livestream channel here… The show goes live at 19.30 UK time tonight (April 22nd). During the show, feel free to contribute with the chat window above, to ask our guests questions and to join in the fun and games.

It’s been several tumultuous days that leads us to an ‘energetic’ broadcast where frankly, we hope we can just about get the whole affair online and live!

And after last weeks show, we have a hard act to follow too, but we think we have done it… Only your comments and feedback will tell us. So, please, take our 90 second POST SHOW survey and let us know your thoughts here…

 ImagesPost show feedback URL here…

I am also hoping that during the show we spoke about the role of the PMD, the Producer of Marketing and Distribution – a new crew role on a film production that has been suggested by Jon Reiss – there is a good write up on Adam Daniel Mezei’s posterous blog here…  Here’s an excerpt of what he says…

‘The premise behind the PMD’s position is that with social media gobbling up increasingly large chunks of the average indie filmmaker’s promotional budget and time — given how Web 2.0 has revolutionized how people consume their media — indie filmmaking crews must appoint a crewmember to exclusively address these social networking needs and those of the various online communities.’

You can read the whole post here.

CReate and connect And remember we are running a two day workshop with Jon Reiss and other guests on the weekend of May 8th and 9th. More info here.

And if you want to buy Allin’s movie, The Vampires of Bloody Island, you can do that here.

So. Are we on  track for beating the Oscars? We will do the maths and let you know. But THANK YOU for watching and being part of the event. If you miss it live, you can catch up here, but do remember to swing by for the live event next Thursday.

Shooters UPDATE – Amazing news! Shooting People, The Global Independent Filmmakers Networking Community, have become the Production Office’s FIRST industry sponsor. I am so delighted as I was one of the very first supporters of Shooting People, back when it launched. Literally, when they had just 100 members, I got an email from the lovely Cath le Couter (co-creator of Shooters with Jess Search) to say, ‘hey, have you heard of Shooting People, you should join…’ I did. Fell in love. And have remained a member ever since! So that they are our first sponsor is just serendipitously wonderful! OK, if you aren’t a member of Shooting People, you should be as their moto is You Can’t Make A Film on Your Own. Join up here.

We are already scheming next weeks show and it promises to be a cracker too… More in the coming days.

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OK… Champagne!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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