Watch our VERY FIRST TV SHOW tomorrow night… Thursday April 15th 7.30pm UK time


It’s so very close now… Tomorrow night, Thursday 7.30pm UK time, is the launch of our very own TV show, ‘The Production Office’, live from Living Spirit Pictures HQ at Ealing Studios. I don’t want to say Chrisvery much about the content or the special guests we have lined up, just to keep it a surprise for you, but I know its going to be a lot of fun and 100% about making movies.

You can watch the show by clicking here… or by going to

Right now of course there is just the holding page (unless you go there during the broadcast), but come tomorrow night, it will crackle into activity as we begin our very first show.

Judy We have a vision mixing multi camera setup in our teeny tiny office, and just getting clips, idents, straps and guests in and out on time is going to be a feat I can tell you. What I have learned about making a live TV show over the last few weeks! But it’s also SUPER exciting. I mean really thrilling. James who is vision mixing live is genuinely giddy! It’s that same creative energy and buzz actors get on stage, directors get on set… So expect the show to be energising for you too!(pictured here with me is Judy Goldberg, co-host for the first show, grab taken from a rehearsal).

6a00d8341e322053ef01347fc70eba970c-800wi I have to admit though, our first two guests are close friends. We made this choice because we needed guests who wouldn’t react with a raised eyebrow if we have a complete catastrophe… ‘cos that kind of disaster is a very real possibility! We have thought everything through, done tests and rehearsals, but the best laid plans… you know the deal, you are a film maker!

We have a long long list of other guests, some of whom have already confirmed for shows over the coming weeks. And if you have any ideas or personal contacts, we would love to hear from you. This is YOUR show too, you the audience make it what it is.

OK, so tune in Thursday, 7.30pm UK time… Tell all your friends to tune it too. Get involved. Ask questions live. Connect with other viewers live. It’s a truly global, multimedia event!

Here’s the URL again…


Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

2 Responses to Watch our VERY FIRST TV SHOW tomorrow night… Thursday April 15th 7.30pm UK time

  1. Oonagh O'Reilly April 14, 2010 at 3:54 pm #

    Chris!!! You 100% absolutely, totally & utterly f******g ROCK 🙂 Wow – this is an awesome milestone for you guys…and for every single creative soul interested in moving image that your vibrant commitment to filmmaking serves.

    As a movie enthusiast with aspirations to create & scriptwrite I will be watching. Better still, I will give you guys the biggest plug I can via Faceache & Twitter because sharing good vibes is what I use those platforms for 🙂

    Technology in the service of spirit (& now Living Spirit!) is a beautiful thing -Yay! All power to you & your team. Here’s wishing you every success for the launch. Despite being a British chick in Oz, I’ll be there with you all…in spirit! Lol 😉

    Ciao, Oons xxx

  2. Mark Morris April 14, 2010 at 6:43 pm #

    Yeah good luck Chris and team! Will be tuning in. This could be the start of something big.

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