Welcome to ‘The Production Office’!


We have something to announce. Something rather big, exciting and shiny!Cue fanfare!

Next Thursday, April 15th, at 7.30pm UK time (check here for your local time) we broadcast our very first live TV show, ‘The Production Office’, from, well, my production office! It’s a weekly show that is an extension of the Guerilla Film makers Handbooks, about film makers, for film makers and by film makers. Crammed with breaking news, hot technology, top film maker guests, live competitions and all manner of other movie maker goodies. The show promises to be a shot in the arm for film makers everywhere – once a week and completely free!

Showtimes We ran our very first live test show last week, and barring some minor technical hiccups, it all went to plan.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a web based TV show.

And believe it or not, the show does actually broadcast from my office – and if you have been to my office, you will know that there is just enough space for two people to work comfortably (it’s about ten feet by twelve feet). So how on earth we have managed to install a multi camera setup, a vision mixing booth, a lighting rig and sound mixing desk is, frankly, a mystery even to us – but trust us, we have managed to do it and it works amazingly well!

We are using Livestream to supply the streaming technology and you can tune in and watch, live on the web next Thursday. Click here to view the holding page. 

So why tune in live?

First off, there is definitely an exciting vibe to the live show. Something you don’t get with a YouTube or Vimeo play. Second, we have live competitions that open and close on the show, so you MUST tune in to win a prize. And they will be GREAT prizes too. We promise. Third, and most importantly, there is a live chat window where all the viewers can partake in the conversation. During our test show we found this to be extremely fast paced conversation and a lot of fun – great for sharing tips, ideas and perspectives. It’s also a great way to ask questions of our super cool guests on the show. This means that YOU are part of the show too.

The show will run for ten weeks, celebrating the ten chapters from the new Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook, and feature some guests who are in the book, and some who are newcomers to the family.

Remind MeTrust us, it’s going to be VERY exciting!

So put it in your diary now… the first show is THURSDAY APRIL 15th at 7.30PM UK TIME. And you can watch it here.

If you want an email reminder, you can use this free service here…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. angelavogt@aapt.net.au April 11, 2010 at 2:20 am #

    Brilliant.. you are amazing – of course the next move for Chris would be turning the book into a TV show… I just have to say it again… Brilliant (love that Guiness)

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