‘DEATH AT A FUNERAL’ from struggling British writer to Hollywood player…

Script to screen event at Ealing Studios, Sunday May 30th 2pm (£12.97 – sign up here). Read The Script, Watch The Film, Meet The Film Maker…

Find out how one struggling writer made a short film of his feature script, got it made as a UK feature, remade as a controversial Bollywood feature, and finally remade as a Hollywood juggernaut star vehicle.

Find out how YOUR great ideas and scripts could make it by learning from Dean’s journey.

6a00d8341e322053ef01348043a816970c-800wiSix years ago Dean Craig was a struggling UK screenwriter reading other people’s scripts to make ends meet, all the while working on his own scripts in whatever ‘downtime’ he could find.

One of those scripts was called ‘Death At A Funeral’.

On Friday 4th July Sony Pictures has it’s UK release of what will effectively be the third version of Dean’s script to hit the international screens in as many years.

First there was the British version in 2007. Next came a controversial ‘is it or isn’t it a Bollywood remake’ called ‘Daddy Cool’ (which BTW, has now been officially deemed a remake).  And lastly (for now at least) comes the big budget, big cast, big studio Hollywood makeover.

And on Sunday May 30th at Ealing Studios Dean will be joining us for a special ‘Script to Screen’ Q&A where he will tell you exactly how it all happened.

From the formulation of the original concept > to writing and directing a no-budget short film version > to writing the feature > to attaching a producer and taking it into production.

When you sign up you will receive:

• Exclusive access to the original short film, directed by Dean, shot for no money and featuring a cast of (at the time) unknowns.

• The script for the short which you can read before you watch.

• The original shooting script for the UK feature so you can read what was taken to set (and we recommend watching the film too).

Shifty Like the sessions we held for EXAM, DEAD WOOD and SHIFTY, these are not just consumer Q&A sessions, they are intense creative and practical autopsies designed to give you an intimate insight into how the writer and film makers conceived the project, wrote the script, got it funded, and ultimately  produced and distributed.

At the event we will be screening and analyzing comparison clips from all three versions of the movie – the 2007 UK original, the 2010 Hollywood version and the controversial Bollywood remake – with Dean right there to talk us through the differences.

The key areas where YOU can learn from Dean’s experiences will include….

• How does a struggling writer with no connections get their script to Producers?

• The script writer’s process – how to discipline yourself, get motivated and, most of all, STAY motivated.

• The genesis of a story – how to translate the idea you have in the
shower into a 90 minute, sellable feature.

• Comparisons and discussions around script and story evolution – from the script Dean took to set, what happened in the edit to the completed movie playing in theaters.

• How to make contacts and how to make the most out of them once you’ve got them.

• WHAT’S NEXT?  You’ve managed to finally get your first movie made – now where to start with the all important second project.

• And of course there will be loads of time for your questions too.

ScriptRemember, you get a copy of the script (not the transcript, but the script they took to set, so you can compare it to the final completed movie).  Print it out and I’m sure Dean will be happy to sign it (and we bet you could sell this on eBay for a profit in years to come!).

And like all our other Script to Screen events, afterwards we will relocate to a nearby Pub for an extended networking drink, where you can meet and mingle with film makers like yourself.  We expect this event to sell out so you should find yourself rubbing shoulders with up to 100 potential new collaborators, everyone from team Living Spirit and of course, Mr Craig.  That’s a good solid evenings worth of film making fun!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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