EXAM, released in the UK on DVD and BluRay…

EXAM Japanese Poster Finally, EXAM hits the high streets (Monday June 7th)… If you missed it earlier this year, EXAM is a film I helped produce, and it’s directed by the super talented Stuart Hazeldine. Here’s a synopsis…

Eight strangers prepare to sit a test together, competing for a top-secret, high-level position. As this tense, claustrophobic mystery unfolds, it becomes clear that the stakes are high both inside and outside of the exam room – but just what is the real test, and the nature of the all-important appointment?

Exam DVD binsAnd the film has been doing amazingly well around the world too, you can check out the Japanese website here, lord only knows what it says!

As for the rest of the world, well…

Theatrically, as well as the UK, EXAM is (or has) come out in France, Benelux, Scandinavia, Baltic States, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan.

Add to that DVD / VOD deals in the USA, Germany, Australia, Greece, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and LOADS of airlines!

We will be giving away a DVD of EXAM on the Production Office LIVE this Thursday, but if you can’t wait to see a fantastic exercise in making a low budget go a very long way, you can get your DVD from Amazon and in high street shops now.

We even have cardboard DVD stands in ASDA! All very very cool!

In case you missed it, the trailer is below…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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