Film makers, one simple way to make your name, brand, film and projects rate more highly on Google. It's a WIN / WIN proposal!

Pocketbook I need your help again… We need more reviews of the new Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook on Amazon (we are running at four on both the UK and US sites)… so if you have bought it, please, please, please leave some feedback for us.

So what’s in it for you?

Well of course there is the warm fuzzy feeling that you’re helping, and you really are…! But also, consider these points too.

1. Leaving a review with YOUR NAME (and ideally your blog or website name) will create a new Google link, which will in fact make you, your films and your brand more digitally distinct. This comes right from the horses mouth (specifically from an SEO expert who has been helping get our digital assets rated more highly in Google). It makes sense if you think about it – when you leave a review and it’s posted, Google spiders it and your name, brands, films and assets are then linked with both Amazon AND the Guerilla Film Makers Handbook – both highly relevant to your business and WILL drive traffic back to you. It’s all about links and even better, highly relevant links.

2. I promise that in return, when you need it, I will review your film on Amazon, your book, vote for your film if it’s in a competition etc… And you can cash this favour in whenever you want it, not just now. Think of it in the favour bank.

3. You are helping keep the brand alive so that new books can follow. Your review makes a MASSIVE difference.

John Landis and The Guerilla Film Makers PocketbookRemember, your words will probably be read by THOUSANDS of people, so make them matter!

OK, here is the link for the book on the UK Amazon site.

And here is the link for the book on the American Amazon site.

Remember, now more than ever, we need to continue to help and support each other. It’s good for us both AND strengthens indie film making.


Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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