Gone Fishing NOW ON iTunes!

Gone Fishing on iTunes

Following the success of Gone Fishing on Channel 4 just a few weeks ago…

Itunes-store_logo I am delighted to announce that ‘Gone Fishing’, Britain’s ONLY 2009 Oscars Shortlisted Short Film is now available to buy and own in HD on iTunes! HOW COOL IS THAT!

It’s taken an age to persuade the iTunes Gods to take the film, but now it has come to pass, our little movie is now rubbing shoulders with the very best of the worlds short films! Go on, you can buy it for just £1.49! Just go to the iTunes store and search for ‘Gone Fishing’ and it will appear. You will recognise the familiar blue poster. Or click on this link.

As soon as I get any real stats on sales, I will share it with you all. Apparently kids short films do very well on iTunes, so fingers crossed. If you do choose to buy it, THANK YOU! It all goes into the fund for the next film. If you are just curios or have already bought the DVD, please do swing by the iTunes store and rate it (we need as many five star ratings as possible). Even better would be a review!

Right now iTunes does not have the trailer, I will have to see about getting that fixed. But you can watch the trailer in HD here.

And if you are old school, you can still buy it on DVD and BluRay here

Finally, I just got this email from Dawn Harris who saw Gone Fishing on Ch4… It touches on one of the enduring aspects of the film and the impact it has on families when dealing with the loss of loved ones. For me, this was an extraordinary revelation – to know that your work reaches out to people and can help them through tough times… well that’s just amazing… and it’s why I choose to continue to be a film maker.

OK, so here is what Dawn said…

‘…the film stopped me in my tracks…. it is one of the few that wallops you round the face with its outstanding quality! (In my humble opinion that is….) And it's also particularly pertinent to some family circumstances that my husband's experiencing at the moment so I'll definitely be buying a copy.

When it came on (Ch4) I was in my kitchen with a very old 12 inch 'snowy' portable TV flickering away in the corner to keep me sane whilst I straddled over the baby walker that my 10 month old son was shoving into me as he was stubbornly and persistently emptying the kitchen cupboards (insert the sound of stainless steel hitting slate floors and the feeling of sharp plastic being rammed into your ankles!)

I was also trying to iron and brooding about the office politics of a commission that I'm currently working on. However, as I said, from the opening sequences I was captivated by the film, both visually but also in terms of the performances and concept which unfolds in such a beautiful and clever way. I hope that explains why I was motivated to write…
I'm not a film-maker so I don't know the lingo with which to offer the eloquent praise that the film deserves but as a visual artist I know how important it is to have your work really touch people, so I hope that you all get the recognition that this piece deserves. All my best.

Dawn Harris
silver lining arts

Thanks for your kind words Dawn.

If you do buy or review Gone Fishing, let us know so we can share your comments with the world! THANK YOU!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

4 Responses to Gone Fishing NOW ON iTunes!

  1. Robin Kershaw June 28, 2010 at 9:50 pm #

    Great news Chris – could you talk more about the process of getting films on iTunes and any knowledge you have about getting a feature up there too?

  2. Guy Rowland June 28, 2010 at 10:22 pm #

    Excellent news, Chris… if it’s not on iTunes these days, it doesn’t exist!

    Chris, care to fill us in on how to get a short (or a feature) past the iTunes gods?

  3. Alex June 30, 2010 at 7:49 am #

    And can you tell us if it’s worth it? Was £1.50 set by you or iTunes as I would have though at least £2.50 would have been the lower limit so you can at least get around a £1 back per unit sold.

  4. Chris Jones June 30, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    I plan to publish a breakdown of the deal yes, so watch this space.


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