British Writers and Hollywood $20m Teen Horror Movie… Unique Case Study Event

Hollywood_reporter Here’s how the Hollywood Reporter broke the story…

‘Genevieve Jolliffe and Andrew Zinnes have set up the spec Absolute Angels at Warner Bros. Pictures, with Jolliffe attached to direct. Mosaic Media’s Charles Roven (The Dark Knight) and Alex Gartner (Get Smart) are producing. Karen Walton (Ginger Snaps) will do a quick rewrite on the project.

Angels, described as a female take on 1987’s The Lost Boys, centers on a high school outsider who is invited to join the cheerleading squad only to find out the girls are a pack of vampires.’

Needless to say, everyone at Team Living Spirit was very excited that finally, we were making a Hollywood movie!

And we are going to share the whole adventure with you in an amazing script to screen event coming up on September 6th, that’s a Monday night, 7.00pm till 10.00pm, on the making, well nearly making, of our $20m teen horror movie with Warner Brothers, ‘Absolute Angels’.

Price – £12.97 inc VAT (buy with this link or use form at bottom of this post)
Date – September 6th
Venue – Ealing Studios

Gen In 2006, my LA partner Genevieve Jolliffe, with her husband, Andrew Zinnes, wrote a spec script called ‘Absolute Angels’ about a small Midwest town being terrorized by a high school cheerleading band of vampires. It began life as a pitch for ‘The Lost Girls’, the sequel to ‘The Lost Boys’, about biker vampire chicks. And everyone in town wanted to hear THAT pitch!

To cut a long story short, Warner Borthers loved the spec script that Gen and Andrew had written, but they wanted a rewrite to accommodate some ideas of their own – plus they couldn’t make it as a ‘Lost Boys’ sequel, and so that needed changing too.

They brought in a new writer to work with Gen and Andrew and several drafts later, everyone LOVED IT… The team began casting, secured big names for ‘table reads’, budgeting and scheduling, they even began interviewing HOD’s (heads of department, including our own Eddie Hamilton as editor). But literally hours before production began, and after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, Warner Borthers pulled the plug on ‘Absolute Angels’.

One year after the first pitch and the dream was over.

Why? The reasons are complex and completely ‘Hollywood’… and sadly, we cannot print them here. We can only share with you in the room on the night. And what is said in the room, stays in the room.

So this is a unique script to screen in so much as it’s script to ‘nearly’ screen… of how a British writer director got so close to a major Hollywood movie, she could smell success…

OK, what you will get out of it…

  • Read the draft that Warners purchased.
  • Read the draft that was re-written significantly.
  • Learn how spec scripts are bought and sold in Hollywood.
  • Learn the key relationships needed to cut the deals.
  • Find out how much money can be earned in the spec script market.
  • Learn how sizzle reels, table reads and other creative tools help close the deal.
  • Watch top secret clips from the ‘table read’ with named Hollywood actors.
  • Learn how to attach named cast to scripts.
  • And so much more about Hollywood.
  • Get to ask questions to British professional jobbing writers from Hollywood.

Hollywood As I write this, Gen and Zee are working on a new commission, a monster movie called ‘Mermaid’.

If genre films are your bag and you feel you should be writing for Hollywood, this unique script to screen event is an amazing chance to get the skinny, from writers on the front line, on just how it works, and what you can do to find success.

Not been to any of our past script to screen events? Check out the video here to get a flavour of what you can expect.

See you there!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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