Adding a Facebook 'like' button to your blog and website, plus cool new Vimeo features!

I have started adding Facebook ‘like’ buttons to all of my posts on the blog. This is a really simple way to generate more traffic. Now, with this ‘like’ button, visitors can click it and my blog entry will then appear in their activity stream. That way all their FB friends can see that they ‘liked’ it and in turn, this should drive traffic.

It’s extremely easy to integrate as Facebook a created a ‘code’ creation page here.

I had to edit the code myself though – to make it work on my page I have modified the height from 80px to 35px, otherwise there was a big and unsightly gap below the button.

Also, Vimeo has just added some very cool new features, including full integration for mobile devices like iPhone. Very cool! It’s also added a ‘watch later’ button so you can ‘download’ and watch when you don’t have an internet connection. I have not tested this on my iPhone yet but if it works, it could mean I can download videos and watch them on the tube when I have zero reception.

This feature would have been really great for the first season of The Production Office LIVE! I guess it’s there for the second season!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. rob August 30, 2010 at 5:03 am #

    I think I just identified a pretty major bug in Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, which allows webmasters to write data on FB’s social graph, which cannot be ‘deleted’ *if* they should they make a mistake when they initially implement the code into their website.

    And due to the way FB presents the tool and the code generator to the public, many webmasters do not read the docs (and just add the cut and paste code) and fail to add the meta tags required to admin the tool… which causes permanent problems later, if they ever want to admin the tool. In fact, most webmasters with this issue dont even know there an admin panel should have been dynamically generated for them when they first added the code, which they forever locked themselves out of.

    They post will probably be deleted soon… because ‘stickied’ threads in the developers’ forums tend to do that… but here is the most current status of the issue:

    …this is a pretty major bug, imo. They need to stop the bleeding by getting a note on that ‘Like’ Button Code Generator asap, then trying to figure out a way they can remap the admins to the domains.

    But now they have an issue with authenticating the admin really has the website’s permission to admin their tool… and that’s a little sticky. I suggested they email the ‘tech contact’ listed in the whois of the domain in question. Otherwise you have a hijacking risk.

    Another issue is simply that the easiest solution may involve deleting the data associated with the fan’s actions, which means people waiting for the solution will eventually have their count go back to zero. And webmasters don’t get enough loves as is so I doubt they will take losing all their hard won contacts without a bit of a backlash. Especially when many are bloggers. I guess we’ll see what they say Monday.

    Anyway, thought you might be interested in following this.

    Take care,

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