The Social Network? Hey we got our own!

Delegate Invite

The last week or so has seen an explosion in membership to the London Screenwriters Festival Private Delegates network – this is a kind of Facebook for our members only. I wasn’t sure if people would embrace it, but I need not have worried as it now has a life all its own. Today we passed 200 members (we have over 400 people attending the festival now) and many of those members are also speakers at the festival. I can see that some industrious delegates are already networking inside the system and creating new connections.

What’s been REALLY surprising is just how much activity there has been – already we have 60, yes 60 separate forum discussions about screenwriting, film making and attending the festival. Every time I check membership it has gone up by a few.

For me this is awesome as one of the primary reasons I wanted to help deliver this event was to create a sustainable network for writers, film makers and creative people. Aside from a three day smorgasbord of panels, workshops, seminars and events, the online network will keep the experience alive and vibrant beyond the close of the festival and all the way up to 2011!

OK, we are now in the final stretch. It all kicks of this Friday with Tim Bevan from Working Title… If you haven’t got your ticket yet, email me at and I will give you a special discount code.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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