Celebrating a breakthrough year and a LANDMARK MILLION! The Production Office LIVE hits 1,000,000 viewer minutes!

ShowYes, we just past the big one million. How amazing is that! To celebrate, we decided to share ALL of our episodes on the blog, a kind of retrospective of what we managed to achieve this year. Above is last weeks episode, below are the earlier shows.

For me, the highlight show was Cannes – it was a MAJOR feat to pull it off, from the back of a Yacht, with inserts and great guests. If you only watch one show, watch that one.

Our greatest achievement by far though is that fact that we actually pulled it off. Zero budget muti-camera vision mixing TV is a reality. We proved it. So below, for your pleasure, are all the past shows… Enjoy the chaos, be inspired by the guests and GET MAKING YOUR MOVIES!


The Production Office LIVE! Episode 11 with #ScriptChat’s Mina Zahar and DP James Layton

For a one-off special, to announce the winner of the London Screenwriters Festival short script award, the Production Office LIVE will be crashing into your air space this Thursday at 7.00pm UK time.

 Joining Chris in the studio will be regular co-host Judy Goldberg, tossing her familiar verbal spanners into the works, as well as a bevy of very, very special guests.

The Production Office LIVE! Episode 10 with actor and producer Freddie Connor and director David Williams

We promised you ten! We’re giving you ten!

Like all good things, season one of The Production Office is coming to an end… So crank up the laptop, turn the lights down low, grab a handful of Kleenex and get ready to bump cyber boots with Chris and Judy for the last time this year.

Sliding into the office this week is director David Williams talking about his wonderfully funny mock-umentary ‘Beyond The Pole’ which follows the first ever carbon neutral, organic, vegetarian expedition to attempt the North Pole. Now there’s a pitch we’d love to have been in the room for!

Also swinging by for a chat at the water cooler is Freddie Connor, writer, actor and producer of the low budget ‘Baseline’. Made with not much more than a pocketful of pittance, this indie Brit flick has managed to secure distribution and screens in London this weekend. Tune in to hear all about how exactly Freddie finally managed to get his Script to Screen.

All this plus our usual smorgasbord of film maker insights, advice, tips, tricks, gossip, chit-chat and quite possibly, if the planets align in time, a lairy shirt and balloon adorned hand or two!

We’ve saved the best till last people! Jump in with us so we can all get wet together!!

The Production Office LIVE! Episode 9 with stuntman Jude Poyer and low budget action director Ross Boyask

Somersaulting into the office with Chris and Judy this week is stuntman Jude Poyer… sharing his knowledge about stunts, action and general mayhem on low budget films. Jude worked on our Oscars short listed ‘Gone Fishing’, so now he will get to tell us just how much fun it was operating a stunt ‘fin’ attached to a tennis racket!

And in keeping with our action theme, director Ross Boyask drops in to talk about his very smartly titled ‘Ten Dead Men’ which does exactly what it says on the tin… But more importantly, it sold near to 30,000 units on DVD here in the UK alone. Ross will give us the full low down on making an action movie for ten grand and then getting MASSIVE distribution!

All this plus our usual smorgasbord of film maker insights, advice, tips, tricks, gossip, chit-chat and possibly even Judy, green screened, on wires and filmed in ‘bu
llet time’!

It’s really quite simple – if you want to make movies, then this is where you need to be!

The Production Office LIVE! Episode 8 with doc film maker Craig McCall and imax short film producer Sam Fazackerley

Squeezing in and sitting down with Chris and Judy this week is Producer Sam Fazackerley, the epitome of a new producer who is dropped in at the deep end and needs to learn at break neck speed and on the job. She will be sharing her extraordinary personal journey, about the importance of aiming high, shooting big and having a great ‘hook’. Just like she did for her debut short film, the ridiculously ambitious ‘Chasing Cotards’, literally the biggest short film ever!

Also dropping into the Production Office will be film maker Craig McCall discussing his critically acclaimed documentary ‘Cameraman, The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff’. Craig will also be chatting about his hugely successful walk up the red carpet in Cannes where the film was officially selected this year. His decade long access to one of the greatest cameramen of all time has given Craig unique insight into the man who shot classics such as ‘The Red Shoes’, ‘The African Queen’ (witch astonishingly just one light!) and ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’. This is a MUST for ANY movie lover. The pic here is of director Craig McCall shooting Martin Scorsese on his clockwork Bolex camera.

The Production Office LIVE! Episode 7 with Death At A Funeral writer Dean Craig and distribution guru John Reiss

Joining Chris and Judy in the office this week are Brit screenwriter made very good in LA, Dean Craig. Fresh from his hugely successful Script2Screen Q&A with us last weekend Dean stops by to talk about ‘Death At A Funeral’ in all three of it’s big screen incarnations. He also discusses his experiences of being a British screenwriter working in Hollywood and shares lots of practical advice for aspiring writers everywhere.

Also, distributing and marketing guru Jon Reiss, author of the best selling ‘Think Outside The Box Office’ sits down with Chris to discuss self distribution and the increasingly important and necessary role of the PMD.

If you’re serious about making movies then you seriously need to tune in!

The Production Office LIVE! Episode 6 with Lord Of The Rings’ Kate Madison and inspiring writer director Jonny Newman


SoSo it’s ‘au revoir’ to our luxurious Cannes Yacht and ‘bonjour’ to the tiny Ealing Studios cubby hole also known as The Production Office!

Joining Chris and Judy in the office this week are Director Jonny Newman who exclusively premieres clips from his upcoming features ‘Foster’ and ‘Swinging With The Finkles’.

And Zoologist turned Actress turned Producer (yes you heard that right!) Kate Madison whose low budget ŒLord Of The Rings¹ prequel ŒBorn Of Hope¹ caused and almighty stir in Cannes this year.

And Brit screenwriter made very good in Hollywood, Dean Craig (‘Death At A Funeral’) pops his head around the door to share some practical tips about living and working successfully in Los Angeles.r>
AlAll this plus our regular mish mash of insights, tips, tricks, gossip, chit-chat and just the right amount of unrehearsed chaos! What more could any aspiring film maker ask for?

The Production Office LIVE! Episode 5 Live From Cannes BABY!

It’s debauchery meets decadence and tacky vs taste as The Production Office broadcasts live from the Cannes Film Festival.

Joining Chris and Judy as they blag their way around the Riviera are Deadwood director Sebastian Smith, pitching guru Jan Miller and sales agent Lise Romanoff. Plus an exclusive interview with Lt Mike Scottie, subject of the hard hitting controversial new documentary ‘Severe Clear’.

Plus our usual mish mash of insights, tips, news, gossip and general chit-chat with a dash of Croissette chaos for extra flavour.

We really are gonna need a bigger boat!!

The Production Office LIVE! Episode 4 with producer Mark Sutherland on SUS, and costume designer Linda Haysman

An hour to air and we lose a camera. Twenty minutes to air and a system crash wipes all our clips — no time for that rehearsal then…?!!

Join Chris and Judy as they come crashing on air for the forth episode of ‘The Production Office’. Guests this week are brick layer turned producer Mark Sutherland (‘SUS’) and Costume Designer Linda Haysman.

Plus legendary director John Landis gets is hands on a Pocketbook!

And hear all about our new campaign to get acting God Brian Blessed onto the show — GORDON’S ALIVE!!!

Plus our regular mish mash of news, insights, tips, tricks, gossip, chit-chat and just the right amount of completely unrehearsed chaos!

The Production Office LIVE! Episode 3 with director Simon Cox and distributor David Wilkinson

Joining Chris in ‘The Production Office’ this week is Director Simon Cox talking about money making models and techniques for film makers to sustain themselves in order to make the movies they really want to make. And legendary UK Distributor David Wilkinson tells it exactly like it is in the wonderful world of distribution today.

Plus our regular mish mash of news, insights, tips, tricks, gossip, chit-chat and just the right amount of chaos!

The Production Office LIVE! Episode 2 with director Jan Dunn and no budget director Allin Kempthorne

Hot on the heels of the ratings busting premiere last week, Chris is joined in The Production Office by Director Jan Dunn (‘Ruby Blue’, The Calling’) talking about how to woo an ‘A’ List cast on low budgets productions. And professional Background Extra turned Director Allin Kempthorne (‘The Vampires of Bloody Island’) shares some cunning self distribution tricks.

Plus a wildly entertaining mish mash of news, insights, tips, tricks, gossip, chit-chat and just a touch of chaos!

The Production Office LIVE! Episode 1 with director Oscar Sharpe and casting director Catherine Arton

NOTE – Show starts five minutes into the video stream

Join Guerilla ‘Film Makers Handbook Author’ Chris Jones for the launch of his innovative new TV Show ‘The Production Office’. For film makers, by film makers, about film making!

The premiere episode features in-depth guest interviews with film maker Oscar Sharp and casting director Catherine Arton.

Plus a wildly entertaining mish mash of news, insights, tips, tricks, gossip, chit-chat and a measured amount of organized chaos!

The Production Office LIVE! Behind The Scenes BONUS SHOW!

Join Chris and the team for an exclusive behind the scenes sneak peek at the making of ‘The Production Office’.

Watch how it’s done (and probably shouldn’t be done!) as they plan, schedule, rehearse and finally broadcast the show.

Feel the tension rise as the gremlins start appearing and the chaos comes a calling. Hair gel – check! Balloon hands – check! And we’re live in 5…4…3…

Blimey! No wonder I am exhausted!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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