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From guest blogger Leilani Holmes at the London Screenwriters Festival 2010

Tim Clague, Alexis Nolant, Julian Gerighty, Andy Walsh and Rhianna Pratchet held a session this morning on writing for games. I think of all the workshops this is one that shows that there has been a large variety of writing advice taking place in all areas of screewriting.

I've been aware of the fact that Game companies were beginning to look for screenwriters to improve their game stories about five years ago when I began writing. This newer avenue of the screenwriting industry has it seems grown since then.

Similarly a session happened today about Transmedia For Story Telling. Transmedia is becoming quite a buzz word around film and screenwriting and it's about telling stories in many mediums in order to allow expansiveness. I don't know much about it at all yet but it's certainly something I think we'll all end up learning to master in future!

I din't spend a lot of time in seminars today as I wanted to spend time just being with people and having time to talk and wander around, so I went to the #LSWF twitter stream to catch a few tweets about what was being said live from the workshop by my fellow delegates. I and many many delegates have been tweeting our best bits madly all during the festival and it's been a great way of picking up tips from workshops we couldn't be in.

Tweeting, blogging, gaming… the screenwriting industy is going all Tron on us!

Bring it on! 😀


Leilani Holmes

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