Manifesting Success In Your Life and in Film Making… Time to re-consider your reality?

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After the dust settled on the London Screenwriters Festival last year, it found time time to reflect and I wanted to share in more detaila two hander sessions I ran with fellow film maker Jonny Newman. We called it ‘Success… Strategies to manifest your end game’. We had a completely packed audience of around 100 people, tired from two days of workshops, but excited by the prospects of what might come.

I suspect many people were expecting a seminar that offered specific tactics and strategies that would ‘manifest success’. And we dealt with a few of those, but personally, I wanted to go much deeper. To challenge passionately held ideas about ‘success’, ‘failure’ and what keeps us all going. There was some very lively debate for nearly two hours. Some people sat with furrowed brows, arms crossed. Some people sat with tilted heads and a look of confusion. And some grinning and nodding ‘yes, I get it!’

Way too much was discussed to share here, but a large part of the conversation revolved around ‘agreements‘ – the ‘agreements’ you have about the world, the ‘agreement’ you have about who other people are in that world, and the ‘agreement’ you have about yourself.

These ‘agreements’ are not facts, they are perspectives on reality and are shaped by experiences in the past.

So these agreements are unique to individuals. They are NOT how the world actually is.

We often take past ‘experiences’ and project them into the future. In some ways we allow past experience to tell us what WILL happen in the future.  Not might, but WILL.

And yet, it’s clear. None of us can tell the future.

So often we limit our possibilities, relationships and ambitions because we decide ‘in advance’ what the outcome WILL BE. Again, this about things that have not yet happened. I better not ask or do this thing because if I do, X Y or Z will happen…

And if we dare to contradict that past experience and try something out again, ‘OK then, but it’s against my better judgment…’ if it goes wrong, ‘well there you are, I told you so’, and the agreement is further solidified. If it goes well, then ‘on this occasion it didn’t happen, but it will next time, I am sure…’

I can see how experience is there to help us, to protect us, to inform better decisions. It’s how we learn.

But really, what do we need protecting from as adults today? Putting our hand in a fire? Yep, we need protection from that, but I learned that at a young age. Being eaten by a bear? Yep, need protecting from that, though how often does that happen in our modern lives?

In most instances, we are protecting ourselves from OURSELVES! Protecting from our fear of failure, or looking stupid, or of confronting broken promises, or of confronting our own limiting beliefs…

The most common limiting belief I see in creatives is ‘I want to do it, but I have learned I will fail, so I will avoid it at all costs…’ Writers block is the simplest form of this.

How often have you met someone who is attractive but complains they are ugly, or someone who is really great at something but is crippled by fear of failure? It’s an agreement they have with themselves about who they are, how other people are, and how the world is. It is not a fact.

In this way, truly, we are only ever limited by what reality we choose to believe. Reality is not a fact, it is a perspective shaped by past experience.

I know that once I let go of my agreements about myself, about the people around me and the way ‘the world is’, I discovered a whole new and limitless playground for life, love and film making!

It’s was a game changer when I really, and I mean REALLY, realised that one person was ALWAYS present in my life when things went wrong… I wonder who that was… 😉

This idea, and many many more, is what the session was all about.

The feedback for the session was very good… Anyway here are a few of the positive thoughts from the session…

‘The level of articulacy and seamless baton-handing between the speakers and intelligent audience was breathtaking. I went up to Chris at the end to comment on what an incredible self-selected bunch of people came to hear that seminar.’

‘It helped me ignore my inner voice and made me network better than I normally would do.’

‘I loved the Success Seminar at the end of day 2 as it has such a great atmosphere while at the same time we all got some good home truths about attitude’

‘I attended the Success seminar on Saturday evening with Chris & Jonny …fascinating, inspiring, thought provoking and adrenaline fuelled brain stimulation – a wake up call to all who feel the need to write, produce and create great stories and films! It was ACE! This should be a seminar in it’s own right – just to get people on track, to reassure & affirm what we are doing is right and also so that when we are think we are mad, crazy and just ‘out there’ for choosing this alternative creative way of life – it’s ok! We are not alone! It was global therapy!’

Blimey. Now, time to let go of those limiting beliefs. Reality is not a fact, it’s a perspective.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

2 Responses to Manifesting Success In Your Life and in Film Making… Time to re-consider your reality?

  1. Lucy V November 19, 2010 at 2:39 pm #

    Interestingly, whilst I have obviously had periods of fear/frustration when writing, in the last ten years I have not had the kind of “writer’s block” some of my Bang2writers have described – not being able to *think* of anything *worth* writing. Except…

    …When I was 18. I had a boyfriend who was cruel and manipulative. The kind of lovely fellow who would never *actually hit* you but thought nothing of using intimidation, even in front of small children, throwing things AROUND the room and AT you (but they miss); occasionally he’d twist my arm behind my back, that sort of thing. One of his favourite lines, “When are you gonna stop playing at this?” “This” being “writing”.

    I was with him for 3.5 years. In that time, I couldn’t write, not properly. Accident? He was the enemy, but so was I for believing him. Writer’s Block is about a lack of confidence, nothing more – nothing less. And why shouldn’t your voice be heard? Don’t let your demons or REAL people like this idiot get to you; get them on paper I say.

  2. Jayne Lake November 19, 2010 at 6:44 pm #

    Thanks Chris and Jonny for helping me to kick the shit out of my evil shoulder sprite.

    One more scene to go. Role on Monday!


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