Need inspiration for your next film? Want some script coaching? The 21st Century Screenplay by Linda Aronson

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In this half hour interview, screenwriting guru Linda Aronson talks about new models and tools that can be used by 21st Century Screeenwriters. The conversation was particularly inspirational for me as it dealt with some problems I always came up against when using the three act structure or Heros Journey models (there is also an interview with Heros Journey guru Chris Vogler on the site too). Linda’s new insights really are gamechanging and 100% recommend her book as a ‘must add’ to your Christmas list.

I filmed the interview last week just before Linda headed back to Australia. Linda also agreed for us to reproduce a whole chapter from her new book, The 21st Century Screenplay – you can watch the video and read the chapter on our website. If you are a member of our email list, you will already have been sent links and passwords to this and other film making interviews and seminars. You can get yours by just signing up below…

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