Amazing news from the Oscars for our team!

Kings Speech Gareth Unwin Last year I was Associate Producer on Stuart Hazeldines ‘EXAM’, a taught thriller set in one room. And yesterdays Oscars announcement was extraordinary news for one of our team… Stuart put it best on the Exam Facebook page…

'As EXAM blazes a trail across the worlds cinema screens it's important to remember that not all films we make can bust blocks and sweep all before them.

Sometimes we make small, less commercial films: labours of love that need careful nurturing in order to survive in a hostile global marketplace, so I thought I would give a special mention to a little film that our lovely producer Gareth Unwin made recently.

It's called THE KING'S SPEECH, I believe, and apparently it's being considered for some awards over in America called Oscars.

Really… what kind of awards ceremony gives itself the name of a person and expects to be taken seriously?

Regardless, it's important we encourage projects like this so three cheers everyone, write to your local cinema asking them to put it on, and if they're able to find space for it in between all those Hollywood blockbusters do go along and give it a watch.

Gareth is a talented chap and if he keeps at it I confidently predict he'll one day make a very successful film that puts EXAM completely in the shade.

Gosh, I hope I spelt the name of his film right. I'd ask him, but for some strange reason he isn't taking my calls anymore….


WOW! Amazing news for Team EXAM, and of course, WELL DONE GARETH! EXAM was his first film so his journey should serve as an inspiration to us all.  

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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