The Production Office LIVE needs YOUR HELP!

Needs You Making a free TV show tends to focus the mind. Not only do you need to do all the stuff you do to survive normally, but you also need to do loads more stuff to make the show happen. And then you need to do even more stuff to pay for that show! Blimey!

Don’t get me wrong, I love it! So does Judy and the whole crew. But there are some practical realities.

And so I am going to ask for your help to maintain and improve The Production Office LIVE!

There are two ways to help.

The first is easy. You can make an enormous difference by making a contribution toward our IndieGoGo campaign – you can do that here.

Image Or you can buy a mug or cap, which you can do on the main website here… just scroll down until you see the mug and cap pictures.

OK, so if you can’t help with cash, there are other ways to help too.

We are looking for some super cool film makers, techie peeps and general helpers to get involved… some locally, some remotely. Here’s what we need…

YouTube Jockey
We need someone to take our existing shows and start cutting them up into little bits and posting them with SEO descriptions onto YouTube. We will give you some training to do this properly and efficiently (aided by one of the UK’s top SEO experts). You could easily do this from home too. This may be a job for a team of people too. As we move forward we will also need help in staying up to date, which means doing this YouTube work after each show (check out our channel here) Are you interested? Drop me a line here

Micro Crew
We are going to start making some short roving reporter pieces from the front lines of film making. We already have some presenters lined up, but we need a micro crew of producer / sound / camera / editor. This may be one very dedicated and talented person, or a small team. Either way, do you have some camera experience and an insane desire to get into a little bit of trouble with a reporter? Again, drop me a line here mail@livingspirit.come.

Online Outreach
We need to reach out to other groups, bloggers, online shows… essentially create relationships with ‘influencers’ to bring the show to wider audiences. We do a lot of this ourselves already, but we could do so much more, and many hands make light work. But make no mistake, this is a graft. A simple example would be committing to a writing a short review of each show and posting in several places like Shooting People etc. If only three people did this regularly, it would make an enormous difference. Email me here

Show Twitterer
During each live show it would be awesome if we could get some live Twitter chat going, typing frantically and throwing in all sorts of hashtags in to reach out to other Tweeps who may be unaware of the show. It’s vital this happens live. Again, not rocket science, but more work than it sounds. Interested? Email me here

So do you want to be part of our plan for world domination? Have a think and let us know where you best help. 

Right… Back to work!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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