Feedback From The Production Office… ‘It’s the only show that I make sure I watch live’

So aside from both Judy and I being riddled with flu, my head being so fuzzy we had to cut to emergency test cards while we got sorted out and a plethora of tech problems, last nights show turned out to be a cracker. You can watch it above (or on Vimeo for iPhone)

Here’s some feedback…

‘This has been invaluable. Every time I watch one of the shows I always learn something new. It helps me stay focused and every time I watch one of the shows I feel inspired to go out there and just do it. The shows have given me that little bit of support I needed’
Andreas Prodromou

‘To be perfectly honest, I’ve enjoyed all the shows. The ones I’ve missed, I went back and watched them all. I usually have a window open while I’m working on something when I’m catching up but not on the live shows – they get my exclusive attention. It’s the only show that I make sure I watch live – I mean out of all that is currently being broadcast on TV today! It’s funny, informative, has great advice to impart and very encouraging (being a filmmaker can be quite lonely – something that people can forget). You walk away from the show feeling that you can really make a film. I hope it never moves offices because that will ruin what is a unique atmosphere. Chris Jones deserves success because he’s the independent filmmaker’s champion, unselfish, and a really nice guy to boot!’
Mohammed Tahir 

‘This show was a surprise! Really enjoyed it and will be making a date’
Jerry Cooke, Film Maker

‘the interview with Nigel was very helpful and Oli Lewington’s report on crowd funding completely demystified this new area of film revenue generation’
Napoleon Ryan, Film Maker

 You can see who the next great guests will be on our show page here…

Thanks for watching and see you on the next live show!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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