Interview with the writer of last years winner of the Reed Short Film Competition – Read The Script, Watch The Film, Meet The Film Makers


Writing a short script is much harder than it sounds. Those of us who have done it can attest to this. And so I thought I would share a podcast interview with writer and producer Stephen Follows, about his script for ‘Sign Language’ which won last years Reed Short Film Competition. He wrote a great script which made a great film and won a pile of awards. And you can read his script here.

The Reed competition is running again RIGHT NOW – and the prize is a whopping £10k! Read more here.

Script OK, so you can watch ‘Sign Language’ above, read the shooting script here… (Download Sign Language v2) and listen to the interview with Stephen below. If you are intending entering the Reed competition, The Greenlight Award (which we have just launched for 2011 – more here) or any other short film / script competition, Stephens’ words will be gold dust. Enjoy.


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Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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