The Production Office LIVE! Season Two, Thursday 7.30pm GMT… Film making, tips and tricks and GREAT GUESTS!

Recovered from their respective bouts of man and lady-flu, Chris and Judy are all jacked up on the good stuff and set to charge straight into episode three like they’ve never charged into anything before… (well except for ‘that’ time there was lots of charging and a huge collision but….we don’t talk about that anymore!)

Here’s where you need to be!

Date: Thursday 17th February
Time: 7.30pm (GMT)

Zomblies Stopping by for a gossip at the water cooler this week are David Reynolds, the zero budget film maker behind ‘Zomblies’ and the Pepsi Max hit short all about making a movie.

And entrepreneur and creative business expert Alison Branagan stops by with a bucket full of advice about how to get your mojo rising and run a successful enterprise in this crazy industry.

Plus Chris reports from the Broadcast and Video Expo on all the latest sexy toys and gadgets to tickle your film making talons with.

So if your still stumbling your way through the winter blues, tune in and we guarantee to give your batteries a jump, your ass a kick and put the va-va right back in your voom!

The Production Office LIVE! The best FREE film making TV your money can buy…cha-ching!!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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