All you need a great idea, a camera… and a teddy bear!

Kate I just discovered that there is a brand spanking new Misery Bear webisode, starring KATE MOSS (!) released today for Comic Relief. You can watch above.

Any film maker will immediately see the references to other movies, but for me, the uber-low tech way the Misery Bear films are made is what makes them so special. In many ways these shorts are masterclasses in storytelling, camerawork and editing. They are also proof positive that all you need is a great idea, a camera and a teddy bear (and of course Kate Moss helps, but they did alright without here in ‘Dawn Of The Ted’ – Google it if you haven’t seen it).

Creators of Misery Bear Nat Saunders and Chris Hayward are going to be running a special seminar next Tuesday evening (March 15th) at Ealing Studios, as part of the Comedy Writers Festival. If you want to come to this session and the whole festival, sign up on the main site here… Imageand as a reader of my blog, you can use the discount code of CHRISJONES to get £25 off the ticket price. You can sign up here.

There are two more Tuesday night sessions that are free to delegates. March 22nd, ‘Secrets Of Comedy Workshop’ with ‘Red Dwarf’ co-creator Rob Grant and March 29th, ‘Topical Sketch Workshop’ with Paul Bassett Davies. Full details of those sessions and the whole festival are here…

The full speakers list is here…

And the full schedule here…


Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

2 Responses to All you need a great idea, a camera… and a teddy bear!

  1. Stephen Lyons March 11, 2011 at 11:11 am #

    Please let there be a DVD release!

  2. Gail March 16, 2011 at 10:38 am #

    Really good session last night and set the tone for the comedy Festival going forward. Kudos to the guys for showing us the “Bored Bear” sketches – it was good to see what the series had evolved from.

    It was also good to know how they went about executing an episode. As a writer who spends far too much time in my study and not enough time meeting people or getting involved in such stuff, it was a real call to arms

    Gail H

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