Inspirational podcast with writer Peter Souter – great tips, advice and insight for writing in the UK

sl-myspace-12051_2561245bWhat is it like to be a jobbing screenwriter in the UK?

This candid chat from British screenwriter Peter Souter is at once, entertaining, insightful, charming, witty, but most of all inspiring.

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Here is some feedback from writers…

‘Lots of great tips and a fantastically positive attitude to what new writers can achieve. Very inspiriational podcast
Hayley McKenzie, Script Consultant, Script Angel

‘Peter Souter really underlines the importance of not only finding your own voice (a favourite craft element), but the vital nature of commercial viability and how it can be “underlined” for producers by attaching great actors to your work, as well as many other invaluable tips’
Lucy V Hay, Script Editor & Writer

‘What a great podcast! You know, it’s really reminded me why I began writing in the first place, because I felt I could, because I felt what I wrote could be good, and because I wanted to work with people and even be one of those people like Peter Souter who are positive and personable and who care about their work but are also fun and make the work a joy to create.  Also lots of great practical advice there about approaching the business side of fitting writing around life’s other demands and approaching the business side of marketing one’s work. Thank you, thank you very much indeed!
Leilani Holmes

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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