The Production Office LIVE, March 17th 2011

Fabulous!  Informative!!  Entertaining!!!  Truly Inspirational!!!

Just a few of the many wonderful words used to describe the ratings busting last episode of The Production Office LIVE. The reviews are in, the bar has been set, the standards are super high – so you know, no pressure! (last show here)

So where do we go from here?  To infinity and beyond people, that’s where! Here’s where you need to be:

Date: Thursday 17th March
TimeL: 7.30pm (UK)

Chalet Girl Taking the long walk up the stairs this week are newbie Screenwriter Tom Williams who’s first script ‘Chalet Girl’ has just been produced on a £multimillion budget, stars a ‘Gossip Girl’ guy and is released this week in the UK.

And Googling his way into the office is SEO Guru and Producer Mike Mindel, with tons of invaluable advice for all of us on how to build a better web presence for our movies.

Plus the usual mish-mash of news, gossip, tips, tricks and advice to help you navigate the waters, overcome the obstacles and reach those filmmaking peaks that dreams are made of!

So tune in for another lip smacking, trail blazing, ground breaking “Truly Inspirational” episode of The Production Office LIVE!

Breaking hearts, saving lives,


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  1. Mike Mindel March 18, 2011 at 9:52 am #

    Hi guys –

    Here are some links for those that are interested:

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    Neuromarketing by Renvoise and Morin

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    C – Contrast
    T – Tangible input
    B – Beginnings and endings
    V – Visual
    E – Emotions
    S – Self centeredness

    Remember it as: Can The Bad Vader Ever Sing


    T – Title tags
    M – Meta keyword and description tags
    H – Header tags
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    Don’t Let Him In
    “What if you invited a serial killer on holiday?”

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