They have won Oscars and Sundance, made over 100 features and REGULARLY hire first time writers and directors… YOU NEED TO MEET THEM!


Ted Hope and Christine Vachon Welcome to American Independents Day in London, April 10th (at Regents College, Regents Park).


A one day workshop with two of the biggest names in US Indie Film, Ted Hope and Christine Vachon.

OK yes, we know, it’s SHORT notice. And yes it’s also on the same weekend as our Comedy Writers Festival, BUT, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make this happen.  

This is an allignment of the stars kind of deal!

That’s why we have teamed up with Shooting People to push this event far and wide. And why we have fought tooth and nail to keep the ticket price as low as possible too.  

EVERY film maker should have the chace to meet and listen to Ted and Christine… Sign up now with the early bird discount and get your ticket for £47!


Ted and Christine produce movies that routinely make stacks of cash, that win tons of awards, and launch the careers of film makers just like you.

Together they have produced over 100 movies. It’s a list that reads like an Indie film makers DVD collection!


TedHope2009 Ted Hope
…is a visionary that is transforming the film industry, giving REAL breaks to new talent, challenging convention and getting movies made that make money and launch careers… That’s what they were saying about Ted in the nineties! And it’s even more relevant twenty years later!

Why you need to listen to Ted

  • Ted has produced over 50 features since the eighties
  • Ted has produced 18 features with first time directors
  • Teds films have won Oscars, Sundance and lord know what else!
  • Ted raises finance and gets films made and sold.
  • On average, Ted makes two or three films a year.And finally… have you read his blog? If not, go there now!

Longer bio here (and IMDB credit list here, check it out you wont believe how many movies he has produced)

ChristineVachon Christine Vachon
…is a straight shooting, tough talking film producer whose credits speaks for themselves. Like Ted, she has launched numerous careers, taking big risks with new talent and telling difficult stories.

Why you need to listen to Christine

  • Christine says… ‘I’m no longer convinced theatrical is the holy grail’
  • Christine doesn’t just win festivals like Sundance, she sits on the juries!
  • Christines forte is producing quirky, cutting edge films with emerging performers and directors.
  • Christine gets films made that are original, provocative and have a sense of bravado.
  • And her films usually collect awards and launch careers.
  • Christine has written two amazing books on indie film production (you should buy them and ask her to sign them!)

And seriously… check out her IMDB!

Longer bio here.

Ted and Christine know more about indie film making than pretty much anyone else on the planet. If you future is in indie film, you cannot afford to miss this event.

More info on the official site here

Time is short, ticket prices are low and the opportunities are ENORMOUS! Please retweet, link and blog the hell out of this once only opportunity.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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