Feedback From American Independents Day

Ted Hope in London

I thought I would share some feedback from the first American Independents Day with Ted Hope and Christine Vachon.

Remember you can get notes form the day by signing up below, and that will also get you access to the fully edited video of the day (when it’s completed).

OK here’s the feedback…

‘To be taught how to “package a deal” from the guys who made ‘Poison’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Kids’, ‘Boy’s Don’t Cry’ is a near- miracle’
George Hobbs, producer/writer, London

‘This inspired the bejesus out of me. I did think it was going to be more aimed at Directors and Producers but I think it served well as a grounding for Writers who have delusions of where their place in the process lies. I’d recommend this to any writer if it comes back again.’
Gail Hackston, Writer

‘Amongst all the information so freely available online, it is still invaluable to hear people with so much experience talk, in person, so eloquently and passionately’
James Lane, director, Sussex

‘This event gave me a whole new insight into the complexity and diversity of possibility of funding, making and sharing film’
Robert Williamson, actor/writer/producer, Edinburgh

‘Ted and Christine know their shit’
Martin Wales, London

‘Another in-depth and informative event with prestigious speakers’
Jade Syed-bokhari, writer/director, London

‘what an excellent event. To gain practical insight from award wining producers is priceless’
Gareth More, producer, London

‘Both Ted and Christine were generous, funny and highly knowledgeable. Very helpful to hear current thinking from working producers’
Mark Solomon, wirter/director, London

‘Another great event from the team – worth the 300 mile journey!’
Zahra Zomorrodian, producer

simply brilliant and I’m still buzzing from it! Really inspiring and motivating
Andy Wright, Film Maker

Pitching‘An amazing opportunity to pitch to both of them and get valuable constructive feedback’
Gary Thomas, writer/director, Surrey (and that’s Gary pitching in the photo)

‘Amazing knowledge that all serious filmmakers should know’
Ibrahm Miiko, writer/director, London

‘Deciding to stay in-doors on the sunniest day of the year was never spent so well! I never once thought about being in Regents Park instead of listening to Ted and Christine’s brilliant seminar!’
Ananymous aspiring producer, London

‘Make more events like this please! People need hope!’
Nadia Denton, London

Andy Wright also wrote a blog about the day here…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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