Get The Comedy Writers Pocketbook For The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee!

At the London Screenwriters’ Festival last year, we produced a very special Screenwriters Pocketbook, crammed full of insights, tips and tricks for movie scribes and small enough to slide into your pocket.

The book was so well received that we decided to do the same all over again for the recent hugely successful London Comedy Writers’ Festival.  Confined by the internationally respected size laws for pocketbooks, we couldn’t literally go any bigger this time around but we’ve most definitely gone better!Not only are the articles inspirational, motivational and educational…they’re also packed full of ‘funny’!

BookWe have around 100 books left from the festival and you can get yours free. All you have to do is cover the manufacturing costs, packing, postage and the time it takes for Pete in the office to stuff it into an envelope and send it on it’s way. That all comes in at the almost too good to be true price of £3.15 for UK residents or £4.15 if you live abroad.

Too good to be true you say…’Hell Yes!’.  And here’s what you can expect in return for your hard earned cash:

Comedy Writers’ Pocketbook was edited by our own Bang2Writer Lucy Vee and includes articles…

Writing Genre by Scott Myers
The Imprecise Art of Comedy by Micheal Jacobs
Making Nasty by John Dawson
Cliches Can Be Good For Comedy by Dave Cohen
The Power of Genre in Television by John Peek
A Missing Genre by Lea Sellers
That’s My Idea by Paul Bassett Davies
Writing A Web Comedy by Richard Bevan
The Best Romantic Comedies by Billy Mernit
The Comedy of Cringe by Marc Blake
Comedy of Manners by Simon Hudd
Hungry For A Rom-Com? By William C. Martell
It’s All About The Story by Lucy V Hay
Making People Laugh by Matthew Friday
Male / Female Comedy by Jenny Roche
Reading Comedy by Scott Mullen

The book is 128 pages long and when they are gone they are gone. So buy NOW if you want one.



(Link to buy here if buttons not visible)

And if you know any other writers who might benefit from this tiny but mighty little volume, please forward this page / email to them.

We guarantee you wont find any more for any less this side of anywhere!

Love Judyx

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