How can you go from being a struggling film maker and writer all the way to the Oscars and BAFTA's? Meet Gareth, he just did it!

Gareth Unwin Oscar FREE EVENT FOR London Screenwriters Festival 2011 delegates and The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass delegates.

Only a few years ago, Gareth Unwin was a struggling film maker, working on low budget films and shorts as a first assistant director. And on Feb 27th, he picked up the Oscar for Best Film, as producer of ‘The Kings Speech’.

His journey from penniless film maker to being the hottest producer in Hollywood is both extraordinary and inspirational, and he is going to share it with YOU.

June 3rd, Regents College, Regents Park, 7.30pm

HOW TO GET YOUR TICKET – THIS EVENT IS FREE for Delegates of the London Screenwriters Festival (LSF ticket here, with extended early bird discount code KINGSSPEECH) – RSVP’s will be sent closer to the time.  

AND FREE for Delegates of The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass on June 4th and 5th (tickets £60 for two day workshop with discount code KINGSSPEECHbuy here) – RSVP’s will be sent closer to the time. 

Gareth’s first big film came a few years back when he produced ‘EXAM’ for Stuart Hazeldine. You may recall we ran a Script To Screen event for this taught thriller which I also worked on as a producer. At the time, Gareth mentioned that he was working on a historical drama. Little did I know that script was the Kings Speech and his journey would lead him all the way to collecting the Oscar and BAFTA.

Gareth is proof positive that with enough guts, passion, great ideas and persistence, you really can achieve the seemingly impossible, and in such a short time.

What will you will get from the event? 

  • Kings SpeechInsight into the key steps Gareth took in order to go from first AD on short films, to ‘The Kings Speech’ and the Oscars
  • How do you develop the Oscar worthy screenplay?
  • Staying attached – how does a producer with so few credits steer such a huge project?
  • Navigating Hollywood, how do you make the most of LA as a Brit?
  • Packaging – how do you put the script, director, cast and financing together?
  • The future? What does he think you should be doing in 2011?

Gareth is a genuinely down to earth bloke. Charming, unassuming and candid. Speaking with him will inspire you to aim higher and work harder, to strive for excellence in your craft.

And remember, only a few short years ago, he would have been sat in the audience.


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