Live Feedback From The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass With #GFilm Hashtag

I just trawled Twitter for some of the public feedback for The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass with the official #Gfilm hashtag. Here’s what delegates tweeted.

NOTE – We did film some parts and will be making them available. If you want to see these clips, join our newsgroup to the right —->

Alonzo_Cover_normal[2] It’s entirely possible that the £60 I spent on this weekend’s #GFilm Masterclass was the best use of money ever! 2 & 1/2 days of brilliance!

Steering_wheel_normal[1] I feel like I’ve been shot with epiphany bullets. And it feels good, thoroughly recommend to any filmmaker

MTSMPusy_normal[1] I don’t know if my brain can handle any more thinking after the intensive #GFilm Masterclass but it won’t stop.

Mark_Lo_normal[1] Thank you one and all! A real life changer

AnimalMan_normal[2] Desperately craving sleep but my brain won’t shut down. I blame @livingspiritpix and the #GFilm Masterclass. Truly inspirational.

Ben_normal[1] Just realised that not only don’t I know the football or cricket scores, but after this weekend, I also don’t care!

Tiffpic2_normal[1]Such a productive weekend – fascinating step by step analysis of how to take film from script to screen.

Securedownload-6_normal[1] Wow! What an amazing weekend! I am buzzing and can’t wait to get filming! #GFilm

IMG_1428_normal[1] Quote of the day for me at #GFilm ‘It will all be ok in the end and if its not ok, its not the end’

Profile400px_normal[2] Feel like I’ve done 10 rounds with Tyson, but masterclass was AWESOME!


IMG_0447_normal[1] Chris, you’ve inspired a community! Thank you & sleep for 3 days!

MeF_normal[1] Chris Jones has the balance just right between terrifying and inspiring budding feature filmmakers! Thanks for the inspiration Chris!

Willie-wonka41_normal[1] Well done! Without yr contagious +ve energy.humour we’d have wilted much sooner under the volume of material. Thx 🙂 #GFilm

Ben_normal[1]I tried to convey some of the stuff to my wife and her brain frazzled in 5mins!


Screen_shot_2011-02-16_at_21.45.33_normal[1] Back in Derby after an incredible weekend at Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass. Inspired, reinvigorated & ready to take on the world!

Beg_normal[1] How do you go back to your day job after such an amazing weekend? You call in sick and work on your script instead

JAKEDIRECTINGPROFILEPICa_normal[1] Just had a great time at the Guerilla Masterclass. Chris Jones is an inspirational speaker, with ridiculous energy. Good stuff!

Tiffpic2_normal[1] Thanks so much for such a great weekend. Just crammed with great advice, analysis & inspiration

Avatar_normal[1] Just finished Chris Jones’ three week masterclass. Oh wait, it was two days! Wonderfully exhausted and exhilarated

And the blog post links…

Red_me_normal[1] So what did I get out of last weekend?

Twitterpic_normal[1] Blogging ~ The Guerilla Film Masterclass #GFilm

MEDfHS_normal[1] NEW blogpost about my #gfilm weekender up at

IMG_0643 Just wanted to say thank you for the great class at the weekend I learnt a hell of a lot and I just wanted to pop you over a link to a short blog I wrote about it.


Wow! I am still buzzing myself.

Amazing stuff.

Onwards and upwards!
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