Meet Jonathan Newman, writer and director of ‘Swinging With The Finkels’, inspiring Q&A

Yesterday, we hosted a cracking ‘Script To Screen’ event at the Apollo Cinema with writer director Jonathan Newman on the opening weekend of his feature film ‘Swinging With The Finkels’.

You can hear the whole podcast by signing up to our ‘Script To Screen’ email list below – just add your email and we will send you a link to read the shooting script, watch the short film the feature was based on and finally listen to the whole podcast from the event.

The session was an amazing success as the 100 or so writers and film makers present really responded to Jonnys insights, experiences and candour.

 A few of the stand out messages and comments included…

1. One short film that is a success is good. Two is better. But a body of work dispels seeds of doubt. Message? Keep working and making stuff, don’t wait.

2. Avoid flashbacks, it interrupts the momentum of the narrative. Message? Cut flashbacks from your script/movie unless 100% essential.

3. The hoops you have to jump through never end. Message? As per my blog yesterday, there is no final destination, only the journey, so enjoy it!

4. Start writing now, and rewrite later. Message? Don’t wait for inspiration, it won’t come.

5. Every film changes you as a film maker. Message? To grow as an artist and improve as a craftsperson you must keep making films. Go make one now!

And there are tons of other insights in the podcast too, so sign up now.

Big thanks to Jonny for being so candid and offering such powerful insights for us all.

Onwards and upwards!
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