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Highest rated speaker at the 2010 London Screenwriters Festival, Linda Aronson, is coming to town to run her landmark two day workshop on Advanced Screenwriting and Parallel story telling.

When: November 12th and 13th
How Much: £119 – discounted for blog readers to £65 (use code CHRISJONES) FIRST 50 TICKETS ONLY

Where: Regents Park

Have You Got A Great Story That Just Won’t Work In The Traditional Three Act Structure?

While the nineties and noughties were dominated by three act script gurus, broadcasters, production companies, agents and most importantly, audiences, are consistently demanding more elegant and sophisticated stories (and therefore screenplays).

Linda Aronson’s 2 Day Workshop on advanced screenwriting technique and Parallel Narrative will show you how you can become a 21st Century Storyteller.

Linda is the world’s leading expert in new story techniques and tools such as  Flashback, Time Jumps, Tandem Narrative, Multiple Protaganists, Double Journeys, Consecutive Stories and Fractured Tandem (used in films like Pulp Fiction, Inception, Atonement and 21 Grams)… She has created robust and powerful frameworks from which you can build those stories you want to tell, stories that feel limited or underdeveloped in a linear three act structure.

Hosted and run by The London Screenwriters Festival team, the masterclass takes place on November 12th and 13th, Regents College, London and costs £119 (discounted for LSF delegates / Guerilla Film Makers /blog readers to £65 use code CHRISJONES)

‘A lucid and eminently useful atlas of screenwriting technique. All the vague confusing things that teachers and studio executives say about flashback, turning points and multiple protagonists are whipped into coherent shape here, in a comprehensive, precise and extremely practical theory. Clear structural diagrams, up-to-date examples and thought-provoking analysis of failed films make this an essential tool in any writer’s kit.’
Christopher Vogler (The Writer’s Journey)

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Makers), tickets just £65 for the two days


Onwards and upwards!

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