‘Four Nights In August’ competition – what did 23 film makers do with the same script?

The London Screenwriters’ Festival Four Nights In August competition is now closed. And what an amazing experience it has been. We had 350 submitted screenplays, from which we will chose two joint winners… You can read them here… ‘Why?’ by Milethia Thomas and ‘Everything You Need’ by Dave Turner.

The competition was then opened up to filmmakers to produce their own movies based on these scripts. Subsequently, we had 23 successful entrants submitted by the deadline, and you can see ALL of them on my website here… http://www.livingspiritgroup.com/film-challenge-2011/

What is fascinating is to see how film makers interpreted the scripts, sometimes sticking closely to the words on the page, sometimes drifting way away.

At the festival I will be presenting a session where we deconstruct the ‘learning’ that has emerged from this fascinating lab.

What pitfalls did the film makers fall into? What traps did the writers create for themselves? What made the winner stand out? How important is casting? Camera? Editing? Sound? Location? Props? All of these films have something to add to that collective knowledge.  What do you think?

Anyhow, you take a peek and leave feedback for the film makers, and rate the films here.

If you have not visited the festival recently, you should check out the extraordinary speaker list and our schedule. You can still get discounted tickets with 10% off by quoting CHRISJONESBLOG in the discount code box. Get your tickets below.

OK, I hope you learn something from watching the films and I look forward to seeing you at the festival.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


e: mail@livingspirit.com


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